Kenneth E Hagin – What To Do When Faith Seems Weak and Victory Lost

Every one of us have had times when we have felt that our faith is weak and our victory is lost. This sermon will teach you what to do in those times. Be blessed and enjoy! more about "Kenneth E Hagin – What To Do When Fai…", posted with vodpod

Kenneth E Hagin – The Devil’s Under My Feet (Full Sermon)

If you enjoyed the 10 minute excerpt, here is the full presentation. Be blessed! Enjoy! more about “Kenneth E Hagin – The Devil’s Under M…“, posted with vodpod

T L Osborn Documentary on Java

This is a beautiful introduction to the nation of Java and to the miraculous power of the Holy Spirit. Enjoy! more about “T L Osborn Documentary on Java“, posted with vodpod

Don’t tell children right from wrong, parents told by government

The Government has told parents to discuss sex with their children without “trying to convince them” of what is right and wrong. Should the Government tell parents not to pass on values? The Christian Institute’s Simon Calvert discusses the issue on BBC Three Counties Radio. The advice comes in a new booklet, called Talking toContinue reading “Don’t tell children right from wrong, parents told by government”

Exchange at the Cross (Derek Prince)

I honestly do not know any Bible teacher of any generation who can explain the gospel in a more clear, more convincing, more enlightening manner than Derek Prince does in this 9 minute video. Enjoy! more about “Exchange at the Cross (Derek Prince)“, posted with vodpod

Satan Defeated (E. W. Kenyon)

Satan Defeated! by E.W. Kenyon Few of us have ever recognized the fact that the Scriptures teach that Satan is defeated as far as the believer is concerned. He was not conquered by the believer; he was conquered by Christ for the believer in His Substitutionary Work. The Victory Christ wrought belongs to the believer,Continue reading “Satan Defeated (E. W. Kenyon)”

Benjamin is a Ravenous Wolf

Well, that is what the book of Genesis says – it says Benjamin is a ravenous wolf.  Jacob, the great patriarch is prophesying over his sons on his death bed and he prophesies over Benjamin that he would be a ravenous wolf. The context is that Benjamin was given 5 times as much food asContinue reading “Benjamin is a Ravenous Wolf”

Whose Righteousness? (Andrew Wommack)

The word “righteousness” has become a religious cliché that has lost its meaning to many people. Even Christians are confused about what righteousness is and how to receive it. This has left our society without a clear understanding of what it takes to have a relationship with God. This is reflected in our nation’s moralContinue reading “Whose Righteousness? (Andrew Wommack)”