The Great Commission On Sunday 13th December, we had the the pleasure of having Apostle Steve Busulwa from Uganda come and preach to us.  Apostle Steve has planted churches across Uganda and is a man of faith in his God. He brought us a delightfully simple yet remarkably powerful message on not forgetting the Great Commission.  ThisContinue reading “The Great Commission”

The Naked devil

Angels and Demons – Tree of Life Church London One of the greatest dangers for the charismatic church at the end of the age is an obsession with the devil – that the church magnifies the devil and minimizes God and His greatness. In this powerful and Biblical message, Benjamin shares what the devil reallyContinue reading “The Naked devil”

Angels and Demons – New Sermon

New Sermon – Angels Angels and Demons – Tree of Life Church London In this message Benjamin teaches from the Scripture about what angels are and how humans encounter angels, all the time calling for a balance on this controversial topic and ensuring that we use the Bible as our measuring guide and exalt JesusContinue reading “Angels and Demons – New Sermon”