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God is Your FATHER!

God loves you. It doesn’t matter what you have done, it doesn’t matter what you do, God loves you. It is a lie that God’s love for you depends on your performance.

In this bold, uncompromising sermon Benjamin preaches the truth about a God who is not a harsh God looking to get you, but a tender Father looking to get stuff to you. This is a foundational message that every Christian needs to build into their life – it will set you free from worry, fear and sadness for EVER!

What is going to happen TOMORROW?


God is still going to be your Father

God is still going to love you

God is still going to care for you

God is still going to provide for you

God is still going to give good gifts to you!



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Ed Miliband would scrap free speech safeguard


Ed Miliband would scrap free speech safeguard.

Sexual infections reach a record high in the UK


Sexual infections reach a record high in the UK.

Dawkins calls for more interference in faith schools


Dawkins calls for more interference in faith schools.

The Importance of Faith


God cannot do anything for you apart or separate from faith.
– Kenneth Copeland

God Wants You Well


Jesus did not die horrifically on the cross with whip marks scored all over his back so you could stay sick.
No, by His stripes, you were healed.

Melvin Banks Healing Crusade


People got out of wheelchairs, people laid down their walking sticks, and people got born again!

Praise the Lord!

Despite a room with some terrible acoustics (we will never hire that hall again!) and despite some of our regulars being away for family reasons, we still had 81 people on Saturday night and over 50 on Sunday morning (9.30am!).    Tree of Life Church is on the move!

23 people on the Saturday were either born again or re-dedicated.  All good!

An On Fire Christian Can Never Be Stopped


Steal from them and they will joyfully give you everything they own.

Force them to be your slave and they will happily be your servant.

Smack them on the nose and they will turn the other cheek again and again.

Kill them – it is simply gain.

Don’t kill them – they will simply live for Christ.

Put them in jail and they will use the time to commune with the Lord and write down their revelations which will then turn the world upside down.

An Onfire Christian can never be stopped.

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