The Completed, Perfect Work

What Jesus did on the cross was complete in every aspect and perfect in every respect. He died, taking into Himself all of our sin, our sickness, our shame, our poverty, our rejection and our inferiority. He died far quicker than the Roman soldiers believed possible because he never died from crucifixion, He died because of what He took on – the sin and sickness and shame of the entire universe. No wonder Isaiah when looking into the future at the cross said he was marred more than any man. Why did He take that all on Himself? So He could give you His life. His righteousness. His health. His glory. His prosperity. His acceptance in the Beloved. His victory. Now, as He is so are we in the world. We are born again, we are more than conquerors, we have free access to God, we have peace with God and we have right standing with God. Not because of works, but because of God’s grace. This message is the gospel. This is the good news that is the power of God for salvation. You cannot get a better message than this. Any message which is not good, which is not about what Christ HAS DONE, is not gospel. So many people want to go around trying to break the curse, pray so God will accept them, work hard so they can be blessed. They have missed the point of Christ’s death and resurrection! Jesus became forsaken on the curse so you could be accepted. He became accursed, damned, and God-forsaken on the cross, so you could enjoy life, be blessed with every single blessing and know that God would never leave you or forsake you. What Jesus did on the cross was so awesome, it really is almost too good to be true. It does need a revelation to grasp the enormity of it. Religion hates this message. It likes to cling to its rituals, its amazing good works, its awesome prayer ministry, its self righteousness. Today, take your mind off of your goodness or badness, and place your thoughts on the complete work of Christ. Consider Him. Consider His grace.