God wants to amplify your voice. He wants your voice to be louder in the world than the voice of the world, the voice of the devil and the voices of doubt, unbelief and defeat and despair.

In your business place, He wants to promote you! He designed you to be the head and not the tail. He designed you to make decisions not have them made for you. He wants you to have the wisdom to save the city, to transform your home, your family, your place of work, your place of education. He wants you to be like Daniel – ten times as wise as your colleagues. He wants you to be like Joseph – favoured and prosperous wherever you end up.

You need a larger vision. The more you see on the inside, the more you will see on the outside. The better you see the invisible, the more stuff you will have that is visible.

God wants you to succeed. Totally healthy, out of debt, money in the savings account. An inheritance for your children and your children’s children! Full of life, speaking truth, healing the sick, changing lives, being everything God wants you to be.

Jesus Christ took all your sin, shame and sickness into Himself on the cross. So live sin free, shame free, sickness free – enjoy an abundant successful and happy life! It’s yours – the price has been paid!

The Emperor Has No Clothes

A friend of mine was offered some miracle soap recently. Apparently it heals cancer, and only costs £59. They were not offered this at a late night infomercial or by some New Age quack. No – but at their local Pentecostal church, not in the middle of a foreign nation but right here in England.

Another friend of mine described their recent visit to a church as exhausting. The offering was almost three hours long, and if you gave over £1000 then the speaker promised you would receive a special anointing for breakthrough.

It just beggars belief that such manipulative, deceptive practices should still be in place to raise money. It just shows how far the church has fallen from the blueprint found in Scripture. The fivefold ministry is designed to equip the saints, not exploit the saints.

Now I am not against offerings, I am not against raising money, I am not against prosperity teaching or preaching – I believe that if you give, it shall be given to you pressed down, shaken together, running over. But there is a world of difference between raising money to minister, and ministering simply to raise money.

But the problem is worse than exploitative con-men in the pulpit peddling the gospel! The problem is the immaturity among many Christians that they give people like this so much authority in their lives! Because people fail to understand that Jesus has paid the full price for their salvation, their anointing, their freedom, their ministry, their financial freedom, they spend their live going to conference to conference looking for the magic pill that will solve their problems when they already have the power and love of God living inside them because of Jesus.

You do not need to give £1000 to receive an anointing. You already have an anointing inside you. Give £1000 not because of guilt or fear or desperation, give it out of love because you have chosen to. Spend time developing your own relationship with the Lord, so you can be led by the Spirit rather than driven by exploiters.