Abundant Supply

Tonight was awesome!  Simply awesome! Duncan Sherwin kicked off the conference with a powerful message on money. Some of his comments on trusting God and not money, and putting money into context (the word money is in the Bible more than the word faith) and showing us how to relate to money was brilliant. ThenContinue reading “Abundant Supply”

Making Disciples – the Truth…

For some reason many people use “making disciples” as a code phrase for “being the church policeman/ being a bully for Jesus”. Making disciples was never about investigating people’s lives to make sure they come up to our high standards – it wasn’t even about ethics. It was about training people to create masterpieces. InContinue reading “Making Disciples – the Truth…”


Racism is defined as treating people differently on the basis of nationality or outward markers of ethnicity.  Still racism is an issue in the world and the church today – people are neglected, ignored, devalued because of their nationality and ethnicity.  Jesus said His vision is for His house to be a house of prayerContinue reading “Gracism!”

Church Planting

A sociologist, after studying the spread of Christianity across the world in several countries, said that there is no single more effective way of increasing the number of active Christians in an area of the world is to plant new churches. As someone who has – as of last weekend – planted two churches inContinue reading “Church Planting”