5 Benefits of a Multi-Cultural, Multi-National, Multi-Ethnic Church!

One of the greatest joys in my life is pastoring a church that has over 20 nationalities present in any given weekend.  That’s awesome. I think if you have a monocultural church in London you are doing something wrong.  I love the variety and the life that this exposes us to. Here are 5 ofContinue reading “5 Benefits of a Multi-Cultural, Multi-National, Multi-Ethnic Church!”

Your Time is Limited

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life” – Steve Jobs Every one of us is a unique soul with a unique personality.  You were designed to be unique! Listen: it’s ok to have preferences – it’s not right when Christianity tries to make people into clones – the Stepford WivesContinue reading “Your Time is Limited”

3 Kinds of People Who Leave Your Church

    Sometimes people leave your church!  Some leave quietly, suddenly skulking away; others leave with a song and a dance and with maximum drama slamming the door loudly on their way out making sure everyone and their dog knows exactly why they are leaving and why the glory has now departed from your fellowship.Continue reading “3 Kinds of People Who Leave Your Church”

This is Your Year!

  Today, God has given you a gift.  A gift that He has given everyone on the planet.  A gift of time.  A gift of 365 days.  Although the charismatic prophets will be telling you this is the year of this and that – breakthrough, financial release, the wealthy place, the abundant return – andContinue reading “This is Your Year!”