Envy – the Carbon Monoxide of the Soul

Carbon Monoxide is called the “silent killer”.  It has no taste, no smell, no colour.  If inhaled it stops your body bonding with oxygen – it stops you breathing from the inside! In your thought life, there is another silent killer.  It infects you from the inside out and stops you living the abundant lifeContinue reading “Envy – the Carbon Monoxide of the Soul”

DIG for Sunday the 16th of November…..do not discard the old testament…..Luke 24 v 32

Originally posted on Heilan Word Ministries:
I know the old testament can be difficult to understand, and I know that it can be hard to reconcile some of what we read with what we read in the new testament. However, the old testament is as valid as Scripture as the new is (2 Timothy 3…

7 Things You Can Do To Make Church A Better Place this Sunday

7.  Bring a box of doughnuts and hand them out to people.  Everyone loves doughnuts! 6.  Write out a thank you card to someone you encouraged you at church last week and hand it to them. 5.  Today, read Ephesians 3.14-21 and pray it for the first person in your church who comes to mindContinue reading “7 Things You Can Do To Make Church A Better Place this Sunday”