Jurisdiction 1: Mind Your Own Business

During our leadership conference last weekend, Greg Mohr pointed out that you cannot believe for something that is outside of your grace.  If it isn’t in your destiny, it isn’t going to be something you can believe for (of course, everything in redemption is freely ours for all of us).  You can only believe forContinue reading “Jurisdiction 1: Mind Your Own Business”

God is No Respecter of Persons (Arthur Meintjes)

Today we have a bonus second post as Arthur Meintjes very kindly allowed me to reproduce this great wisdom on our blog: Did You Know? God, the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ is a God who is no respecter of Persons! This is one of the greatest revelations that the Apostle Peter received whenContinue reading “God is No Respecter of Persons (Arthur Meintjes)”

10 Reasons HIV is not God’s judgment for Homosexuality

This week a number of people have contacted me and asked my views on whether HIV is God’s judgment on homosexuality.  My answer is a very firm and very definite NO.  Here are 10 reason why this point of view holds no water at all: 10.  God is no respecter of persons – or ofContinue reading “10 Reasons HIV is not God’s judgment for Homosexuality”