I Thought This Was A Grace Church!?!

Every so often I will make a decision that leads to someone saying about Tree of Life “I thought this was a grace church!” Maybe I remove someone from the worship team for sexual immorality, or ask someone not to share a prophetic word that is a bit kooky, or preach a message that challengesContinue reading “I Thought This Was A Grace Church!?!”

10 Reasons I Am Grateful for my trip to America

Bit personal this time, but I guess most people reading this blog are interested in my personal journey… 10.  I got to hear Andrew Wommack share his views on why universalism and preterism are wrong, and it was exceptionally powerful.  These ideas are making massive inroads in the UK and messing up churches, and itContinue reading “10 Reasons I Am Grateful for my trip to America”