Flowing With God 01: The Source of Success

This Sunday we had a glorious time of worship as the Spirit led us in the service and it was something special.  I have been thinking about this for a long time, but I believe now is the time to put pen to paper (or type in the blog) about flowing with God.

You see I have become convinced in the last year or two that there is no success at all unless we learn to flow with God.  Let me say it like this: you will only succeed in life and in church to the degree you learn to flow with God.

The problem with flowing with God is that He is bigger than you, smarter than you, kinder than you, and wiser than you.  So it isn’t easy to predict what He wants to do.  You have to learn to be humble, to listen to him, to relinquish your ability to control everything around you.  In short, you have to trust Him.  For the last few weeks, I have not been in control of the services in Tree of Life Dagenham.  They haven’t been out of control, they have been in His control, and He has helped more people, healed more people, and inspired more people than I could ever have done if I kept control in my hands.

You can’t guess who God is going to use to minister to people.  You can’t guess which person is going to get healed in the service.  You can’t tell if God isn’t going to flow through the pastor’s son or through a virtual stranger.

You have to learn to flow with God.  If you flow with the move of God, you are actually moving with God and things will happen.  If you fight the flow, then you are fighting God – good luck with that one!

We need to lose our confidence in our ability and regain confidence in His ability.

We have to grow up.  We have to grow up in healings, in miracles, in manifestations of the Spirit.  We have to grow in our ability to flow with the Spirit.  In our small groups, in our big groups, in our prayer meetings, in preaching, in worship, at school,  at college, in work, everywhere we go.

So all of us need to learn to follow the Spirit.  I almost put this post in my leadership blog, but it’s not for “leaders”, it’s for all of us!  Learn to follow the Spirit.

Here are three things all of us can do to follow the Spirit.

  1. Minister healing to people
    1. The greatest key to healing I can tell you about is to follow the Spirit. In Bulgaria they brought me a boy blind in one eye.  As I prayed, nothing was happening.  He was not getting better.  I started to pray for wisdom and pray in tongues, I submitted to the Spirit.  Then suddenly, I saw the boy’s problem wasn’t in the eye but in the optic nerve.  I commanded healing to the nerve and suddenly the boy could see out of that eye.  In a prayer line, don’t start at one end and go down the line, ask the Spirit to lead you.  I have sent people back before because there is no leading to pray with them.
  2. Ministering the Holy Spirit
    1. Watch what God is doing!  If you see God is touching someone then go over and touch them.  Follow the Spirit.  This isn’t just for church services, we just had it yesterday in a families’ house.  They invited a bunch of people over from church and a bunch of people from their family.  As we interacted, God led us to minister to them.  People got saved, people got powerfully touched by the Spirit.  Why?  Because we have learned to follow the Spirit not try and lead Him!
  3. Growing the Church
    1. Follow the Spirit.  Where are things happening, where is the Spirit moving.  Learn to follow!

Let’s be like Jesus – I can only do what I see my Father doing.

I will help you flow with God more in the next few weeks.  Loads of love to all of you!

Why not ask questions on the blog?  I will try and answer them.

A Gift Will Always Bring Increase to the Giver

In the world’s system of doing things, when you give something away you have less.  But we are not at all interested in the world’s system of doing things.  We have access to God’s Word and God’s Spirit and God’s way of doing things.

In the world, give away some food you have less food.  Give away money you have less money.  Give away land you have less land.  But that is not how it works with God – when you give God’s way you always end up with more returning to you!

In God’s economy, any gift you give away brings increase to you.  You cannot lose giving to God!

When you give a gift, the power and grace of God works on your behalf to bring that gift back to you thirty, sixty and 100 fold back into your life!  Isn’t that good news?

God will always prosper a giver.  The world says that giving depletes your wealth.  The world is wrong, God is right.

Every gift you give is an invisible seed bringing a miracle your way.  The more you give gifts, the more comes back to you.

The Bible has a wonderful promise to every giver:

Many will entreat the favour of the prince: and every man is a friend to him that giveth gifts (Proverbs 19.6)

When you give gifts, God will make people be friendly to you.  Even your enemies will have their hearts changed by the power of the Word.

Your gift is a natural key that unlocks supernatural power.  Believe it or not, that’s the truth of the Word.  The Bible says it and that’s all I need to know.  God wants you to have good friends, and good friends always come to a generous giver.

7 Ways To Help Your Church be Happy This Weekend!


7.  Be there.  You don’t need new shoes and your child can go to the game Saturday.  Be in church, it will encourage and help others.  It might even bless you.

6.  Be on time.  The service is a whole event and you not wandering in late helps everyone else.  It might even bless you.

5.  Be early.  Turn up thirty minutes early and see if anyone needs help.  You will inspire and encourage so many people.  It might even bless you.

4.  Worship with all of your heart.  Go to the altar, jump and dance, kneel, sing, shout and have a great time loving God.  People around will be lifted and encouraged by your enthusiasm.  It might even bless you.

3.  Take notes during the preaching.  It means that you have something to give to other people in your week, that you can remember the lessons apply them in your life and inspire the people around you.  It might even bless you.

2.  Give big.  At least tithe!  But go big, that money will mean your church can have more stuff, more leaders, more staff, help more people around the world and have more fun.  It might even bless you.

1.  Don’t rush off.  Hang around, have a cup of tea or coffee.  Ask someone how their week was, listen to someone, smile at someone, love people.  It will help people so much.  It might even bless you.

The Power of a Mongrel

I am blogging from Rome today, at a conference of pastors from all over Europe.


Whenever we have conferences at Tree of Life, we have people call and ask what I consider strange questions about our preachers…

Are they a grace person?
Have they been to such and such Bible College?
Are they proper Word of Faith?
Who is their spiritual covering?

When you cut away all the fluff from these questions, they are all the same question: what is that person’s pedigree? 

If you buy a new pedigree dog it can cost thousands of pounds.  A pedigree is a dog that is pure bred, all it has its DNA from the same breed.  People pay lots of money to own pedigree dogs, and they are the dogs that win awards at shows.

And people seem to take the same approach to preachers… oh, he preaches the pure message, he only preaches at this place to these people, he has a real pedigree.

And what has happened is people have forgotten the power of a mongrel.

Do you know what the unhealthiest breeds of dogs are?  Pedigrees!  Especially poodles and dogs like that.  The reason being that another name for purebred is inbred.  All those dogs come from very tight families and only having the DNA of one family means you are very vulnerable to health problems.

And the unhealthiest Christians of all?  Those who only get their DNA from the same small, inbred family of teachers and preachers.

You need to be a bit of a mongrel Christian, it’s good for your health.  I’m not saying that you should listen to some dead, dying, denominational preacher who got his job through playing a system.  I’m saying there are a lot of Christians on planet earth bearing great fruit who have different doctrines and emphasises and ideas and philosophies from your small circle and that you will always be healthier if you take the time and effort and wisdom to find out why.


The Authority of the Believer (03 – It’s Voice Activated)

So you have all this authority on planet earth!  You have the same authority as Jesus Christ.  Well, how can we use this authority to change the world?  The answer is so simple – it is voice-activated.

Jesus explains it so clearly in Mark 11.23:

For truly I say to you, That whoever shall say to this mountain, Be you removed, and be you cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he said shall come to pass; he shall have whatever he said. (Mark 11.23)

So when the mountains are in your way – and a mountain is anything in your path stopping you from doing all God has called you to do – then you have to speak to the mountain.

One of the biggest problems that Christians cause for themselves is that they don’t speak to the mountain, they speak to God about the mountain!  Now I am not against speaking to God – you should pray, you should fellowship with, worship, praise, thank, ask, love God all the time.  It’s important!  You should also listen to God and the wisdom He wants to share with you.

So next time you are sick (sickness is a huge mountain.  It’s not from God and it’s not God’s will), don’t have a chat with God about the sickness.  Don’t moan to God, complain to God and whine at God about the sickness.  No – you have authority.  You are not a beggar, you are a king.

So you tell the sickness in no uncertain terms: “Oi sickness, leave my body right now, in Jesus’ name”.  And it will!

You might be a bit awkward speaking to a sickness, or a debt, or a situation.  But remember Jesus spoke to a fever, He spoke to trees, He spoke to storms and wind and rain.  He told us to speak to trees and to mountains.  It’s not the Lord that is making you feel embarrassed – it’s the world.  So step above that feeling and command some things.  Let’s use our authority in Christ with our words today.