Your Children’s Children 03: Leave Your Father’s Household

Today I want to talk to the first generation believers.  Those of you who are starting a new lineage, liked we talked about two weeks ago. And that is that you are creating a new lineage – you are building something so powerful. Now in that same situation, Abraham had very specific instructions from God:Continue reading “Your Children’s Children 03: Leave Your Father’s Household”

Your Children’s Children 02: Conception and Pregnancy

So last week we talked about the fact that there are people inside you, and that we need to make decisions in the light of this reality.  Today, I want to discuss the point of life beginning. I want you to think about and consider the process in which life begins.  Conception, then pregnancy, thenContinue reading “Your Children’s Children 02: Conception and Pregnancy”

Your Children’s Children 01: The Fight

Something that has been on my heart for the last few weeks has been the truth that God is generational.  He is not the God of Abraham, but the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  He is generational. In an age where we like everything instant and this second, God is patient and kind, andContinue reading “Your Children’s Children 01: The Fight”