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Monthly Archives: May 2018

Broken Focus


I once heard a preacher say the only reason men fail is due to broken focus. Me being me tried to prove him wrong, instead I opened up the door to seeing a powerful and Biblical truth.

Here are ten people from the Bible whose focus caused them to fail, if you recognize yourself in any of these, return your focus to what it should be on.

10. Eve sinned because she focused on the virtue of the fruit, not the virtue of the one who commanded her not to eat.

9. Samson died because he focused on the beauty of Delilah rather than the beauty of the presence of the Lord

8. Joseph’s brothers failed because they focused on the glory of another man’s coat and calling rather than the glory of their own coats and calling.

7. Lot’s wife died because she focused on the greatness of what she was giving up rather than the greatness of the One she was giving it up for.

6. The spies failed because they focused on the size of their enemy rather than the size of their God.

5. Aaron and Miriam failed because they focused on the ignobility of not being called to be in first place, rather than the nobility and honour of being called to second position.

4. Judas failed because he focused on what he expected Christ to do for him, rather than the wonderful things He did do for him.

3. Demas failed because he focused on the superficial cheerleading of the world rather than the unique and blessed opportunity to have someone has remarkable as Paul as his coach.

2. Martha failed because she focused on her sister’s choice of position rather than her own.

1. The rich young ruler failed because he focused on the security of his riches rather than the security of the love of the Father.

Finally, Jesus succeeded because he did not focus on the shame of the cross but on the glory of His future.

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