Healing Leaves 03: We Must Do What We Can’t

Faith is how we please God and faith is how we receive from God and faith is how we do what God wants.  We need to believe that Jesus Christ is real, is on our side, and that He loves us.  We need to believe in His work on the cross.  In fact, to believeContinue reading “Healing Leaves 03: We Must Do What We Can’t”

Healing Leaves 02: The Woman with No Covenant

Every born-again Christian is in covenant with God to the point where we call the books of the Bible written to us as the New Covenant.  We have promises of healing.  Now sometimes, we are standing on that covenant, and it becomes hard to keep standing – we get weary of doing good, weary ofContinue reading “Healing Leaves 02: The Woman with No Covenant”

Healing Leaves 01: Healing in the Church

One of the promises that God gave me in 2012 was that the leaves of the Tree of Life would bring healing to the nations (you can find this promise in Revelation 22.2), and when God showed this to me, He was talking about several things, not least of which was the healing of racialContinue reading “Healing Leaves 01: Healing in the Church”

Losing Your Anointing – Really?

One of the charismatic traditions that have sprung up in the last few decades is the idea that we can, through our behaviour and actions, lose our anointing.  There are teachers telling us we can lose our anointing, Christian magazine articles telling us how to guard our anointing, prophets prophesying people will lose their anointingContinue reading “Losing Your Anointing – Really?”