How To Be Fruitful 02 Don’t Do What You Are Not Called

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One of the things that messes with you doing what God has called you to do is spending your time and energy doing things that God has not called you to do. We are not Superman, we are not super-human, we are not able to do everything! Even the calling of God does not turn you into superman, it just empowers you to do what God has called you to do.

We have not been given the grace to do everything and anything, we have been given the grace according to the measure of the gift (Ephesians 4.7). What you are gifted and graced to do by Jesus is what you can do! Your calling gives you the power to do what you are called to do, but you do not have the power to do what you are not called to do.

Many great ministers are exceptionally deficient in certain areas, but they do well because they stick to their lane. I know miracle workers with no gift of administration, I know teachers who cannot preach and preachers who cannot teach, but they know to do what they do well and they do it well. We only have a measure of the Spirit. We have to be humble enough to admit we cannot do it all. The grace of God is for the call, not for what we just decide to do.

The best pastor in the world is Jesus, the second best pastor in the world will not be the best teacher, the best prophet will not be the best evangelist. We need all of us to be together and learn from each other.

Now something the church is doing very badly is we oscilliate between despising ministers for not being everything we want and idolizing some ministers for what they do and not recognizing that they have any limitations. Both come from immaturity. A mature response is to realize every minister has limits, but we still love them and learn from them. Too many people see the limits of a minister and hate them, others see no limits and idolize! It is strange to realize that in one area we are absolutely remarkable, but in others we are totally rubbish, but it is true of all of us!

Each one of us must recognize our limitations and recognize what we are called to do and are graced to do! Too many prophets want to prophesy over everyone. Too many pastors fail to distinguish their opinion from what the Lord has led them to do and where the Lord is leading them to lead their people. We are all limited and if you don’t realize this yourself – you will find out soon enough!

When we realize our limitations the only solution is to then work with others who have gifts we do not have – and we have gifts they do not have. We all need others to be complete. We need people different from ourselves, we need people who in the natural we might not like that must. This is part of God’s plan to keep us humble, sweet and gracious.

This is so important for all of us. Find out what you are called to do, and do it, and what you are not called to do do it. Also, remember you can learn from all five of the five-fold ministry, in our conferences, you can learn from all the speakers not just the ones that you prefer. And whatever God tells you to do, you can always overcome your limitations – not personally, but by finding the people who can do what you cannot do.

God is fitting the body together. And every part would supply something that you need for your life and ministry!

How To Be Fruitful 01 Do What You Are Called

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Every Christian has been called to do something by the Lord. That’s a simple truth but so many people do not realize this. Now if you were Jesus Christ and there were billions of people on the planet who do not know you would you just call the pastors to reach them, or would you call every single Christian to be part of a local church, call them all to grow, call them all to world mission? I know the answer, the Bible knows the answer, but do you know the answer? You are called.

Now the Bible says that many are called, but few are chosen (Matthew 22.14). Many means lots of people. That includes you. But sadly, most Christians do not believe they are called. They think their pastor has to do it all for them, they think they are called to just sit down and listen to a TV ministry, they think they are called to just be unfruitful. No you are called! You are called to be fruitful, you are called to be part of a church, you are called to contribute, you are called to do something for God.

It’s true to say you are called to be healthy, you are called to be wealthy, you are called to live a great life on earth. When we teach on that, lots of people are interested. Many people like to hear teaching on God’s unconditional love… for them. They listen to sermon after sermon about how much God loves them, and sadly just that diet, that imbalanced diet, leaves those people starving for other nutrients, and leads to selfish and very unfruitful Christians. My job as a pastor is not just to feed you what you want, but to feed you what you need to be equipped to do the works of the ministry!

Keith Green used to a sing a song called Asleep in the Light that says “You don’t need to hear a call, you are already called”. That thought did not come from him, it comes from John’s gospel, where Jesus tells his disciples “you did not choose me, I have chosen you”. If you are a disciple of Jesus, He has already chosen you and called you to be fruitful. You should be fruitful. You should be making sacrifices in your life that involve doing something for the kingdom of God. It still amazes me to meet Christians who do nothing for Christ. They can’t even go to church if the pastor disagrees with them over one point, because their entire Christian life is not about the kingdom it is still all about them – their comfort, their ministry, their spotlight, their feelings, their this and that. You were only saved because Jesus did not care about His own comfort or prosperity or career or future or reputation, and got involved in the greatest act of grace in the universe. Then we call ourselves grace people, but never give up anything to help rescue anyone else ever! That’s not grace. That’s laziness and deception!

Not every call is like Paul the apostles involving Jesus knocking you off your horse. That can still happen and still does happen today, but some people will not get off their sofa unless that happens to them today. But God prefers to call with an inner witness, with the small, still voice, what I call the spiritual voice. You just see a need and something deep inside you is touched and compassion rises up inside you and you need to then step out and stop waiting for an angel to visit you! Your desires to help and love and show kindness does not come from satan or your flesh – that’s God!

In our eldership training, we start at 1 Timothy 3.1 which says if you desire to be an elder, you desire an excellent task. How do you become an elder in the church? It all starts with you wanting to become an elder in the church! It’s that simple. I have never been knocked off a horse, I have never been slammed to the ground, I have never looked Jesus in the flesh in the face. But I am 100% called to be a pastor. I know exactly what I am and what I am called to do.

What are you called to do? You might feel like a failure right now. Moses was, and God still called him. Moses said “who am I”, and God said “Called by me”. Of course you are unworthy for the call, and only the least self-aware people do not realize they are not worthy to be called. I know you are unworthy to change the world. You know you are unworthy to change the world. God knows you are unworthy to change the world. But God still called you. If you fail to accept the call of God because you are unworthy when God called me and a host of others equally if not more unworthy, you are missing out!

Another thing Moses said (in Exodus 4.1) was that when I speak people will not believe me. That’s how I felt when I started preaching, I felt that I was not credible, that people would never believe God spoke to me. I didn’t look like in my mind someone who God speaks to, someone who could help others, someone who could change the world. I don’t have anything special about me. But God still called me and God still uses me. God loves using people that are nothing special! If God can cause a donkey to give a prophetic word, He can use you.

Jeremiah did not think he could express himself well, he told God “I can’t preach, I’m just a child”. Some of us are called to share our faith and don’t think we can do it well. If you listen to some good preachers, who have been preaching for decades, you do start to think how can I ever speak like them! But God calls people who have never spoken to speak! God calls us to action!

Gideon was called and he was from the least family in the least clan. You can believe God has called you! God has called you to a specific purpose. Do what it takes to find it out. The first step is to stand up. Stop sitting around waiting for a talking donkey and start being the talking donkey! Stop waiting for an angel and be the angel. Stop waiting for a man of God and be a man of God! You are called.

Get up, go to church this weekend, go to a small group, serve your church in some way, and start expecting your calling to manifest. I challenge you, it will change 2021 forever.

Healing Truths 05: What Works

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What works when it comes to healing is preaching healing. Preaching that everyone who believes can be healed. Faith cannot fail. If you preach the truth that anyone can be healed who believes, that healing is for all, that by His stripes we are healed, that Jesus wants you well people get healed. If you do not preach it, then you will never have it! If you do not go where it is preached, or preach it to yourself, you will never have it.

If you do go where it is preached, but then go somewhere else and hear the opposite, or go and preach the opposite to yourself, you will never have it. If you think “God heals some”, there will always be a little voice in your head telling you that you are not one of the ones that God wants to heal, and all faith evaporates.

So, settle this in your heart today: Jesus wants you well. You have a right to healing as much as you have a right to be saved! God is the Lord who heals you (Exodus 15.26) and God never lies, He said it, He said what He meant and He meant what He said. What God said is true.

I do not preach “Jesus wants you well” because it works. I preach it because it is true. But because it is true, it does work. It is the only message that works. To preach foolish lies about gifts passing away, healing passing away, healing only being for some – will never produce healings, will never work!

Let me say again something I never get tired of saying. Healing is part of the gospel, and we must preach it to all the nations! And because it is part of the gospel, healing is for all, and because it is for all, it is for you!

Healing Truths 04: Healing Means Healing

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One of the most foolish lies that the church tells to negate the truth of healing is that somehow healing in the Bible is a spiritual thing rather than meaning physical healing. People read Scriptures like 1 Peter 2.24 which says “By His stripes you were healed” and then they say “Well, healing here means a spiritual thing, it’s allegorical and metaphorical, it means you are better in your emotions, a better person, it means you are going to heaven”. That is simply not true. It just does not bear witness with Scripture.

Sin and sickness are both tied together. They both entered the world when Adam and Eve sinned, and the good news is that the redemption of Jesus Christ set us free from both sin and sickness! Salvation from sin, and healing from sickness are both parts of the redemption of Jesus Christ. Both are included! We do not have to choose. Someone once yelled at me after preaching “The new birth is more important than getting your body healed!” I said “If I had to choose, I agree, but I don’t, we get it all”.

Complete salvation is a born again spirit, a renewed mind and a healed body. It would be incomplete for your spirit to be totally transformed and your body to be sick still, just like getting your body healed but staying spiritually dead is incomplete. I know which is better long-term, but you can have both. The work of Jesus provided both salvation for the spirit and healing for the body.

God wants your spirit to be regenerated and He wants your body to be healed. That is a complete redemption. Every Christian should be healthy in their body, that is God’s will for them. It’s a double provision, so have both parts of it.

The problem is the church has realized Jesus is their substitute for sin, becoming sin so they can be righteous, but they have not realized that in an identical manner, He is our substitute for sickness, becoming sick so we can be healed.

When you preach the gospel to the lost, you should preach both bits. You should tell the lost to receive Jesus as Saviour and as Healer. He is both. He can heal you from all the sicknesses and deliver you from all sin at the some moment, and you can get both benefits of salvation. I like meetings where people get saved and healed in the same moment! But let’s not call the salvation a healing, it’s not. They are different.

Jesus told a man sick with palsy – this meant he could not walk or move his legs or arms – He said “Cheer up, son, you are forgiven”. That’s good news, Jesus revealed Himself as Saviour. But the man did not then say “Praise God, I am forgiven, that is the true healing” and was then carried out. Because Jesus also said “Pick up your mat and walk” – that was the healing. That man was saved and healed on the same day! He got both, and you can have both.

Jesus actually said “Which is easier to say to the sick of the palsy, your sins are forgiven or to say arise, take up your bed and walk”. This man was told the truth – your sins are forgiven, he believed it and he received it. He was then told the truth – you can get up and walk – you are healed, he believed that and he received that too. If we only preach half a gospel, we only get half the results. If we preach that healing is salvation, we get one benefit – forgiveness. But we can preach salvation for the spirit and healing for the body and get both! That’s wiser. That’s the way Jesus did it and that is the way to do it.

Always tell people – you can be saved and healed by Jesus! As many as touched Him were made whole (Mark 6.56). That means healing in the body, not some sort of spooky restoration and having a slighty better day while still sick! Jesus wants you well.

Christians do not need to be sick. Stop tolerating sickness in your body and start being healed. Jesus bore your sicknesses as much as He bore your sin. He Himself took our infirmities and bore our sicknesses (Matthew 8.17). That is the truth, and that is the reality of it, and sicknesses means sicknesses, not some spiritual spooky voodoo! Jesus healed physically back then and He still heals physically today.

If Jesus carried your sicknesses, then we do not need to carry them. We do not need to be sick. He bore them so we do not need to bear them. If you are bearing them then it was useless for Jesus to bear them. Do not make the work of the cross useless, believe and receive that healing means healing.

The Scripture is so clear. Jesus bore your sicknesses. He carried them away and set you free from them. So you do not need to bear them.

I have heard it taught that Christians were redeemed from their sins but have to keep suffering their sicknesses, that God may want them healed or may want them sick. I have been taught God has definitely healed others, but maybe they were blessed, holy, had a higher purpose. It was a special mercy God rarely bestowed. None of that is Biblical. None of that makes sense. The problem is if you accept that you can never have simple faith in the Biblical truth that Jesus bore your sicknesses. Not just some people, everyone’s sicknesses – including yours – have been borne by Jesus at the cross.

Disease is evil. It destroys bodies, and Jesus bought that body with a price. It is not reasonable after Jesus bore all the sicknesses across the world to expect God to still want people to bear them. To quote F F Bosworth, to believe that is “utterly unlike God’s Word”. F F Bosworth also said:

When I ask people if they think it is God’s will to heal them, and they reply that they do not know whether it is or not, I then ask them if it is God’s will to keep His promise.

This is what we all must understand. Sickness is part of what Jesus redeems us from. Healing is not a synonym for having your sins forgiven, healing is Jesus Christ eradicating all sickness from your body. He has done it all at the cross, and all you need to do is believe it and receive it.

The real reason more people are not healed is a lack of teaching on this. It’s that simple. If no one ever preached Jesus bore our sins, then no one would ever be saved. And because so many people have never healed the truth of healing, that Jesus bore our sicknesses, there’s not that many people being healed. But that’s not us – we preach the truth of healing. Healing is simple, all you have to do is realize Jesus bore your sicknesses and carried your diseases.

If I got up in church one Sunday, aware there were lost people in the room and I preached “I am not sure if God wants to save you or not, He might do, but probably not. It is possible you are sinning for God’s glory to advance His kingdom, and maybe God is using your sin to discipline you and train you, stay in your sin until you realize God’s plan to save you maybe one day. The day of people getting saved is over now, as the Bible has been complete”. If I said such nonsense no one in the room would get saved. But that is the nonsense about healing preached from so many pulpits! No wonder some places never see a healing. It is easy to grasp why some are not healed today.

And salvation is not healing, healing is not salvation. But you can be saved and healed. Today! Right now. Because Jesus bore your sins and He bore your sicknesses.

Healing Truths 03: Why So Many Sick Christians

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The simple reason is this. There are many sick Christians today because they just do not have faith that Jesus wants them well. Faith comes by hearing the Word and many Christians do not hear day after day that Jesus wants them well. They have had discussions about their pain, they have monologued about their sickness, they have talked about their pain, their aches, their sicknesses. Speaking about sickness does not cause faith to come. Faith comes when we hear the Word. When we hear the truth. When we hear the truth, the truth brings freedom.

If we as Christians want to see people free from the bondage of sickness and disease we have to tell people the truth. God wants you well. Jesus wants you well. The will of Jesus Christ for every person, including you, is for you to be healed. That is the Word of God and that is the truth. Some Christians have never heard that, others have heard it and dismissed it and retreated into their religious traditions and foolish ideas about God that do not match with the Word.

Too many Christians sympathise with the sick. They empathize with their pains and their sob stories of sickness and disease. The sympathy becomes an implied insinuation that God’s will is for them to endure that sickness, to learn patience from it, to be drawn closer to the Lord through their suffering sickness and disease. That is not the Biblical approach. That is not the way Jesus does things. And because the church is ignoring the way Jesus dealt with sickness and supposing themselves to be kinder and smarter than Jesus doing it their own way, that is why so many Christians are still sick!

We need to right now declare absolute war on every form of sickness. Take your God-given authority over every disease in the name of Jesus. And we need to go and heal the sick and set those captive by sickness free!

The truth is clear and obvious. Healing is for all, Jesus wants you well. You never need to spend a second in doubt of God’s willingness to heal you. Does anyone who knows the Word ever doubt the will of Jesus is to save the most rotten and selfish human? Then how can anyone ever doubt the will of Jesus is to heal the most broken and diseased human?

How do we know salvation is for all? Because the Lord is the Lord who saves us. God loved us so much He gave us Jesus so whoever believes in Jesus can be saved (John 3.16, Romans 10.9-10). That is the truth and when it is preached, people believe and are saved.

How do we know healing is for all? Because the Lord is the Lord who heals us (Exodus 15.26). Tomorrow morning, that verse will still be in the Bible. He will still be the Lord our healer. He will never change, and there is no maybe about it. He heals all who believe.

Jesus said “According to your faith let it be done to you” (Matthew 9.29) so have some faith. Ask in faith, nothing wavering (James 1.6). That’s the truth of the matter – we need to ask in faith, we need to start believing that healing is ours and declaring it and acting on it. That is where the answer to this question lies. The will of God has not changed since Bible days, but a lot of tradition has caused a lot of people to doubt it!

Healing Truths 02: Jesus Wants Everyone Well

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The reason I can confidently say Jesus wants you well is I can read the Bible and it clearly teaches Jesus wants everyone well. One of the biggest lies in the modern church is the idea that healing was for the past, for the good old days, but not for today. Another lie in the modern church is that God wants some people healed but not others. Both of these lies build the same barrier in people’s hearts for healing – the uncertainty that God wants to heal everyone. Because if you do not realize the clear Biblical truth that God wants everyone well, you will always be unconvinced Jesus wants you well!

Nearly every Christian knows Jesus heals some people, but there is a lot of nonsense in the modern church that keeps people away from the clear truth of the Word – Jesus wants everyone well, and has provided healing for all.

It is really hard – if not impossible – to get your hopes up and have faith for anything that we do not know Jesus wants for us. To quote Kenneth Hagin, “we cannot have faith for anything unless we know the will of God in that area”. To make that quote specific to healing – we cannot have faith for healing unless we know God’s will is healing. When we know the will of God is healing for everyone, when it sinks in that healing is for us, it is easy to receive healing by faith! Easy! You have to realize healing is for all! You have to realize Jesus wants everyone well, and that He wants you well!

How can we know God’s will about anything? Well, if I had a will, and I died and you wanted to know what was in my will, there would only be one possible way to find out what was in my will, to find out what my will was. Only one way. To read the will!

If you want to know God’s will on any area, there is only one way – not circumstances, not conjecture, not what aunty thinks – you have to read His will.

Imagine a lady came to me after her husband died and said “Ben, my husband was very rich, I don’t know if he left me anything in his will, would you pray that I could somehow know what his will contained”. I would say “I am not going to pray for you, read the will. When you read the will you will find out”

People come to me in the New Covenant, after Jesus died, and say “Ben, Jesus is very powerful, I know He can heal me. I don’t know if His will is to heal me or not. I don’t know what is in His will. Pray for me to know His will.” I tell them “I am not going to pray for you, read the will. When you read the will you will find out”.

Another word for will is testament. Read the Testament! Read the New Testament, it is God’s last will and testament and shows you what His will is. Because the New Testament is God’s last will and testament, anything that comes after that contradicts the New Testament is a forgery. That preacher saying God doesn’t want you well, when Healing is in the will, is a forgery – that preacher is guilty of probate fraud!

If healing is in the will, then to say God’s will is not healing, is to try and change the will! You cannot change the will after the testator has died. Jesus died as the testator, left us everything in the New Testament, then He resurrected from the dead and is now not just the testator, He is the mediator of the will (Hebrews 9.15) and also our advocate (1 John 2.1-2) making sure we get everythign in the will! He is not some earthly advocate who might try and stitch us up and take some of our inheritance, He is going to make sure you get everything in the will. And healing is in the will.

Today, read the will of God. Read the four gospels and look at every time Jesus healed someone. Jesus is the expression of the will of the Father, and His life is a revelation of the love and will of God – Jesus was the living will of God, and He healed the sick and healed them all! When Jesus healed them all, He was revealing the will of God to every human.

There was a leper in Mark 1.40 who prayed for healing the way some people pray today “Lord, heal me, if it be your will”. That man did not know God’s will. He did not know what Jesus wanted. He had never read the will. The first thing Jesus did was deal with this uncertainty. Jesus said “I will”. Healing is not “if it be your will”, healing is God’s will. Healing is Jesus’ will. Jesus wants you well. He wants everyone well.

The leper said “If you want to, you can”. Jesus said “I want to”. The modern charismatic church says “If Jesus wants to heal, He will, Jesus if it be your will, heal this person”. And Jesus stands in the background, ignored, as He says over and over again “It is my will. I want you well. I want everyone well.” Jesus is not willing that anyone should perish (2 Peter 3.9) – that includes sickness and disease!

Read these words and realize this is the last will and testament of Jesus Christ:

Great multitudes followed him, and He healed them all (Matthew 12.15).

That is the living, moving, breathing will of God. Jesus Christ. He healed them all. And He has never changed. He is still the same yesterday, today and forever. Right now, His will is to heal you. His last will and testament for you includes your total healing. Jesus wants you well.

Healing Truths 01: Jesus Wants You Well

Jesus Our Healer
Jesus Wants You Well!

I am the Lord who heals you – Exodus 15.26

If you are sick in your body today, I am going to tell you the truth today: Jesus wants you well. Jesus Christ, the Lord of the Universe, passionately wants you to be healed.

You have to be aware and convinced that Jesus wants you well to be able to receive your healing from God. If you do not realize Jesus wants you well, there will be doubt in your mind that you can be healed. As long as that doubt lives in your house, you cannot receive your healing by faith. We need faith to receive from God, we need to ask God for our healing in faith, without wavering, otherwise we have no grounds to think we will receive from God (James 1.6-7).

But once you are convinced Jesus wants you well, that sickness is not and never has been or will be God’s will or plan for you, then you will inevitably receive your healing. It is that simple and that clear.

Knowing what Jesus wants when it comes to healing is the basis for believing for your healing! Often people will say to me: Ben, I just don’t have the faith to receive my healing. My response is normally “Do you believe that Jesus does what He wants to do?” or “Do you believe Jesus keeps His promises?”. They tell me “yes, I believe that”, then I tell them they do have faith for healing, because faith is this simple. I believe Jesus wants me well! That is faith for healing in one sentence: I believe Jesus wants me well.

My spiritual great-grandfather is F F Bosworth, and he said this:

Do not doubt God. If you must doubt something, doubt your doubts, because they are unreliable but never doubt God or His Word.

Satan lies, Jesus never lies. I can show you all over the Bible from the Old Testament, from the New Testament, from the Psalms, from the Law, from the gospels, from the epistles, that Jesus wants you well. Your healing is declared in God’s Word, and it is true to say Jesus wants you well!

God announced to the world in Exodus 15.26 “I am the Lord who heals you”. Do you know He spoke that to over three million people, and all three million believed it, and all three million were healed? Every sick person in that crowd was made totally whole. Psalm 105.37 tells us about those people that “there was not one feeble person among their tribes”. Can you imagine three million people and not one diabetic, not one with cancer, not one deaf, not one blind? Not one weak, feeble, sick, not one with aches and pains, not one with sleeping difficulties, not one with migraines? That’s what the Bible tells us happened, and I believe the Bible!

Now, if Jesus did that for the nation of Israel under law, under the Old Testament, then how much more will He heal you under the New Covenant, the better covenant? You have been redeemed not by the blood of a lamb, but by the blood of the Lamb, living under grace and mercy? Jesus wants you well. He wants all of us well!

I want this truth to settle into your heart: Jesus wants you well. It’s as true as one plus one is two. Healing is for you! Healing is for you, because Jesus wants you well.

The will of Jesus, the will of God, is that every single person is healed. All you have to do is believe and receive! There is no maybe about this, there is not an “if” or a “but”, Jesus wants you well. God has no favourites, He wants you well!

We live in a world where sickness and disease ravage so many lives, medical science has achieved more than ever before but it still has not stopped sickness taking lives, ruining hope, destroying freedom. Disease is still around all over the world.

The saddest bit of that in my mind and heart is that there are still Christians affected by sickness and disease. This should not be. It is happening, Christians are dying of sickness, losing their freedom by sickness, being destroyed by disease while preachers are pontificating about why God has made them sick, when God makes no-one sick. Jesus makes no-one sick. Jesus wants you well! Jesus wants you well right now!

Sickness is not God teaching you a lesson as some ignorant people say. Sickness is not God chastising you or punishing you! Sickness is not God’s way of drawing you to Him, it is certainly not a gift to you for being so spiritual! Sickness is evil, a liar, a destroyer, a thief! It is an instrument of satan to steal from you. And the good news is that Christians do not have to be sick, any more than a Christian has to sin. It is always the will of Jesus, the desire of Jesus that you are well. Jesus wants you well!

The reason disease is still in the church is people just do not believe the simple truth that Jesus wants them well. In the Old Testament, three million people believed Jesus wanted them well and were all healed. That should be the normal in every church in the world!

The reason there were no feeble among them was that they all believed the Lord was their healer. They believed what God said. He is the Lord our healer. And they all got healed. God said it, they believed it, and they were healed.

The reason there are so many feeble, sick, unwell, infirm Christians today is that we do not believe Jesus wants us well. We do not believe He is the Lord who heals us. We heard it, but we ignored it, we filtered it through ungodly traditions and charismatic legalism, until we thought God doesn’t heal, and sickness is a blessing! It’s the same lie satan conned Adam and Eve with – has God really said, and does God really mean what He says!

We have taken the I AM and turned Him into the I WAS! Three million people were healed at once in the Old Testament, you can be healed today under the New. Say it out loud “I believe Jesus wants me well. I believe He is the Lord who heals me”. Say it until it registers, until it moves you – and receive your healing!