How To Be Fruitful 02 Don’t Do What You Are Not Called

One of the things that messes with you doing what God has called you to do is spending your time and energy doing things that God has not called you to do. We are not Superman, we are not super-human, we are not able to do everything! Even the calling of God does not turnContinue reading “How To Be Fruitful 02 Don’t Do What You Are Not Called”

How To Be Fruitful 01 Do What You Are Called

Every Christian has been called to do something by the Lord. That’s a simple truth but so many people do not realize this. Now if you were Jesus Christ and there were billions of people on the planet who do not know you would you just call the pastors to reach them, or would youContinue reading “How To Be Fruitful 01 Do What You Are Called”

Healing Truths 05: What Works

What works when it comes to healing is preaching healing. Preaching that everyone who believes can be healed. Faith cannot fail. If you preach the truth that anyone can be healed who believes, that healing is for all, that by His stripes we are healed, that Jesus wants you well people get healed. If youContinue reading “Healing Truths 05: What Works”

Healing Truths 04: Healing Means Healing

One of the most foolish lies that the church tells to negate the truth of healing is that somehow healing in the Bible is a spiritual thing rather than meaning physical healing. People read Scriptures like 1 Peter 2.24 which says “By His stripes you were healed” and then they say “Well, healing here meansContinue reading “Healing Truths 04: Healing Means Healing”

Healing Truths 03: Why So Many Sick Christians

The simple reason is this. There are many sick Christians today because they just do not have faith that Jesus wants them well. Faith comes by hearing the Word and many Christians do not hear day after day that Jesus wants them well. They have had discussions about their pain, they have monologued about theirContinue reading “Healing Truths 03: Why So Many Sick Christians”

Healing Truths 02: Jesus Wants Everyone Well

The reason I can confidently say Jesus wants you well is I can read the Bible and it clearly teaches Jesus wants everyone well. One of the biggest lies in the modern church is the idea that healing was for the past, for the good old days, but not for today. Another lie in theContinue reading “Healing Truths 02: Jesus Wants Everyone Well”

Healing Truths 01: Jesus Wants You Well

I am the Lord who heals you – Exodus 15.26 If you are sick in your body today, I am going to tell you the truth today: Jesus wants you well. Jesus Christ, the Lord of the Universe, passionately wants you to be healed. You have to be aware and convinced that Jesus wants youContinue reading “Healing Truths 01: Jesus Wants You Well”