Don’t Fall off the Bridge 10: Don’t Live a Double Life

Who was Samson in the Bible? His Story and Significance

One of the things that Paul told the Corinthians was that you need to come out from among the people and be separate (2 Cor. 6.17-18). Samson did not do this, he liked living with worldly people, and his life story is a great lesson for every one of us.

Samson had a really religious part to his life. He really loved the Lord, he was devoted to the Lord – he never cut his hair, he kept his vows, but then on the other side he was yoked to the world. There are Christians today who look separated but are living in the worst kinds of sin. Secret boyfriends, secret girlfriends, secret lives – separated in some ways, entangled in others. This kind of double life will destroy you.

You see as a Christian (and especially as a Christian leader, like an elder or deacon or pastor) you cannot live like the rest of the world. You are unique and are supposed to live that way. You are not supposed to be getting drunk, having sex outside of marriage, watching porn, living a double life. Now everyone who saw Samson and his magnificent mane thought – this man must really love God – but on the other hand, he was having sex outside of marriage, he was touching dead things and messing around. He wanted an unbeliever wife (Judges 14.2-3) – he was an anointed man who both wanted to live for God and play around with the pleasures of the world.

I know pastors who have been sleeping with people in their churches, Bible College lecturers sleeping with their students, I know evangelists who have girls in every town they go to preach in. It is a double life, a double personality. There are also people in the churches with double personalities – on Sunday morning they are singing praising to God, then leave church and have pre-marital sex. They have a magnificent mane in church, but as soon as they are home or in the office, they have a totally different life.

Some of you reading this post are this person. You are Samson, you are different with your Christian friends than with your non-Christian friends. You are playing games and you are about to fall off a bridge and it will not be pleasant. God will still love you, I will still love you, but you are about to hurt yourself and you should sort it out. Some of you hear life changing messages over and over and your closest friends, your lovers are all unbelievers. This is wrong.

Young people, if your main school friends are athiests, are people who hate Jesus, you have a huge problem. Samson was just like you – he wore the long hair, like wearing a giant cross, but he still slept with unbelievers. Separated but worldly. His life ended with him bald and blind. Everyone was shocked when they heard he lost his hair – we thought he was so godly, but he wasn’t.

I don’t know how a believer could ever consider marrying an unbeliever. How you could look separated but live so far from Jesus. It’s a danger. Don’t do it.


Don’t Fall off the Bridge 09: Don’t Be A Hypocrite!

Pope Francis: 5 Ways to Avoid Being a Hypocrite| National Catholic Register

Jesus had a problem with the Pharisees because they were different on the inside to what they were on the outside! He actually called them – you can look it up in Matthew 23.27 – a bunch of white painted coffins. On the outside looking very beautiful and on the inside dead, unclean bones.

Sometimes someone starts going to church, they even get born again, they even speak in tongues, but they do not reach a place where they start to yield their life to Christ, and do not reach a place where they value the love of God and loving other people. So, areas of their lives are still dead and unclean. They look great on the outside but if you get close you start to notice a bit of a whiff. They are dead on the inside.

These are the people who are living one way in church on Sunday morning, but then go home and act differently. They will do everything to be seen, and will never do anything to make a sacrifice – they will not live for Christ if it costs them something. They are hypocrites. The problem is not that often these people are deceiving others, but that most of the time they are also deceiving themselves.

They say the main work of a doctor is to diagnose a problem, once that is done, the solution is normally the easy part. It is the same in the kingdom, once you realize the problem you can solve it. But hypocrites will lie so often they believe the lies, they do something selfish and self-promoting and convince themselves they are humble and gracious and doing something righteous!

I have sadly seen this with pastors – some are wonderful in the pulpit and flow in the gifts, but then they are rude to the waiters in the restaurant and the ushers in the church. They are not the same person everywhere they go. People can preach Jesus, sing Jesus, exalt Jesus – then act in a way you wonder if they are even Christians and ever read a Bible!

Your external life should match your internal life! Do not live a dual life, do not be a hypocrite as you will end up falling off the bridge. You will not be able to hide the deadness inside you for long, before long you will stink and everyone will know what you are really like. Discover God’s goodness and love and turn to Him and find freedom today!

We don’t need a modern day Samson in the church – strong and anointed but unable to live for God, unable to be pure.

If you looked at Samson you would see the long hair – a sign of his dedication to the Lord – but he was yoked to the world, he was tied to it in his heart. Some people look dedicated but are not. They are tied up in the world, in immorality, in all sorts of messes. His not cutting his hair made people think he really loved God, and when it suited him he did love God. But he never made a sacrifice for the Lord, when no one was looking he just did what he wanted when he wanted.

He told his parents he really wanted to marry an unbeliever. He had two different personalities – a public one and a private one. Do not be a modern day Samson. If all your best friends and your girlfriend are unbelievers, you are a modern day Samson. Looked holy, but was having sex outside of marriage, and sex before marriage! That is not holy, that is not godly. He was a hypocrite.

How could a believer who wants to please God and live for God, who has a passion for God, who spends hours in prayer and studying the Word every day ever even contemplate a non-Christian wife, I will never know. I couldn’t imagine being married to someone I could not pray with, minister wife, serve with, worship with.

Samson was both spiritual and carnal. Next week, we will look at how that combination will destroy you!

Until then get rid of the hidden darkness and act like the man of God you look like. Selah!