The Invasion of Ukraine

This morning Russia invaded Ukraine. It’s a statement reminiscent of when Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia. It seems like a strange thing to say in 2022. It seems like a strange thought to have. Hundreds of Ukrainian lives have already sadly been lost. I do not see this as starting a third world war, but if PutinContinue reading “The Invasion of Ukraine”

Principles for Local Church 02 – Be A Follower

Hebrews 6.12 encourages every Christian to be a follower. That ye be not slothful, but followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises. The truth is the whole New Testament is filled with instructions to follow other people, but most people are not good at following others. They are too crazy andContinue reading “Principles for Local Church 02 – Be A Follower”

Principles for Local Church 01 – Mind Your Manners!

When you join a Facebook group, there are rules to that group, within nearly every group I am in, whether it is religious, for weight lifting or diet, or for science fiction, or whatever else, one of the very first rules is something about no promotion of your products. It is considered both unethical andContinue reading “Principles for Local Church 01 – Mind Your Manners!”