Principles of Success 08: Be a Looker for the Good

The Bereans were called noble by Paul because they checked out what he preached against Scripture. I agree with that, everything we say should be checked out against Scripture. But the wording in Acts is very specific. Acts 17.11 says “Now the Berean Jews were of more noble character… because they examined the Scriptures dailyContinue reading “Principles of Success 08: Be a Looker for the Good”

Principles of Success 07: Dominate Before You Are Dominated

You were created to have dominion, that is how God made man. The problem with life is if the individual created to have dominion over a situation does not take that dominion, does not take charge, someone else will take it illegitimately. If you do not take charge of your body, sickness will. If youContinue reading “Principles of Success 07: Dominate Before You Are Dominated”

Principles of Success 06: See It Right

Whenever something happens, whenever something around you is visible, is audible, can be sensed, whether we are successful or not depends on how we frame what we see. How we frame what we see is one of the most important keys to living the life of Christ, the life of abundance, the life of faith.Continue reading “Principles of Success 06: See It Right”