Principles of Success 12 Be Prepared to Be Misunderstood

I reckon roughly 95% of people have no idea about the kingdom of God. I reckon 95% of Christians have no idea that God even wants them successful let alone that the Bible teaches us principles of Success. I reckon 95% of pastors are not living their best life in the slightest and therefore cannot communicate that life or wisdom to their people, or impart to them what confuses them!

Therefore when you start speaking and dreaming big, you will be misunderstood. I have been assaulted, lied about, spat at, ignored, dismissed, spoke about, cursed, blogged about… You name it. And that sometimes surprises people, but if you want to win you stand out. If you stand out you don’t fit in. Even small steps towards a big dream mark you out in a crowd of mediocre, despairing, conference hopping, dreamless people.

You will lose friends. You won’t stop being friendly to them, but they will turn on you. People will lie about you. They cannot imagine you successful AND honest, so they see your success and assume you are doing something wrong. Your success will expose their small dreams and negate their excuses.

I know more than a few English pastors who love successful American ministers, but when a successful English pastor turns up that rips out their excuse that it just doesn’t work in the UK. That’s a lie, because the principles of Success didn’t come from America, they came from Heaven, and were penned in the middle East. They will most definitely work here. To say otherwise is an excuse from people who don’t know any better.

Nobody carnal cares how much Tree of Life gives to world mission, they only care what kind of car I drive because that is their level. Their inability to see more causes them to misunderstand me.

When I remove someone from the church and exercise Biblical church discipline, I am misunderstood as unloving. When I take an offering and teach on giving, I am misunderstood as money grabbing. When I preach on healing, I am misunderstood as giving false hope. When I teach on grace, I am misunderstood as not understanding discipleship. When I teach on discipleship, I am told I don’t get grace.

People misunderstand because they are where they are not where you are. You have to accept that and not let it stop you growing, learning, dreaming and advancing. Don’t stop to answer your critics, go and do what the Lord has birthed in your heart.


Principles of Success 11 It Doesn’t Have to Make Sense

Imagine God spoke to you and said get up at 4am tomorrow and pray in tongues for one hour. That will never in a million years make sense to your natural mind, but here’s the good news – it doesn’t have to, you can do it anyway. You might think “Hey, I don’t get up at 4am”, doesn’t matter, you can! You might think “I could never pray that long”, but what you think and reason and rationalize doesn’t matter. God has told me to do many things I do not have the capabilities to do. but it doesn’t matter. He has told me to do things that do not make sense, but it doesn’t matter, it does not have to make sense.

You do not have to understand, to grasp, to be comfortable with, anything God tells you to do. You can still do it. When you are being led by the Lord, you will end up in places you have never been before. What you need to work on is not making sense, but dreaming. Use your mind to imagine not to rationalize and you will walk in your dreams and have good success.

Or let me say it like this – DO NOT DREAM REASONABLE DREAMS. Dream big huge dreams that are utterly unreasonable. Your imagination is the only thing that can change your life, that can be given substance by faith and produce a new reality around you. The clothes you are wearing, the car you drive, the body you have – all are determined by your thoughts and imaginations! You want them to change, change your dreams and stop dreaming reasonable, sensible, rational dreams.

The energy of your dreams changes your world. Proverbs says it like this – as a man thinks in his heart so is he, Paul says be transformed by the renewing of your mind, John tells us that he is praying that we prosper and be in health, even as our soul prospers. All of this is various ways of saying the same truth – our dreams determine our reality. When God puts an image in your mind, dare to dream no matter what the circumstances say.

Your dream will bring to you everything you need – the people, the resources, the stuff, the ideas, the plans. THERE IS NO DOUBT IN GOD’s HEART – THERE NEEDS TO BE NO DOUBT IN YOUR HEART EITHER, whether it makes sense or not. Never use rationality to judge your dreams!


Principles of Success 10 You Are Who God Says You Are, But You Manifest Who You Think You Are

Nothing matters to your future success as much as your imagination.

We all have the same grace. The grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men. If we are born again, we all have identical spirits, that are the same nature and identity as Jesus.

But that will only manifest as we imagine we are like Jesus. The Word of God is so clear. As a man thinks (imagines) in his heart, so is he. You manifest who you think and imagine and dream you are.

Two men both get saved on the same day, they are both the same age. The one who wins in life is the one who disciplines himself to think success, to dream big, to imagine himself a success, perceives himself as happy and loving and full of faith. The one who never restrains their imagination, never chooses what to think, never renews their mind never experiences life transformation is not succeeding in life.

They both have the same salvation, the same measure of faith, the same grace, but one thought differently and that made all the difference.

The idea, the concept, that nothing matters to your future success as much as your imagination has been mocked by the church for hundreds of years. Most Christians take a que sera sera approach to life and asse anything happening is the will of God! Nothing could be more unscriptural or foolish. The truth is we must change what we dream to be a success in life.

You must take the time to find out what your God given dream and destiny is and dream it with Him! It is essential. Otherwise everything in your life will be trivial and eventually nonsensical to you, and you will become a slave to a useless monotony and eventually your mind will regress to bitterness at the success of others walking in their dreams.

Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks, and I hear so many talking about things that make no difference to them or the kingdom of God. So therefore their heart is full of these things. So therefore their life will not manifest abundance and success. They will never make a difference in the world, they will never go in the direction they want.

We must get a handle on our thoughts and imaginations, fill our hearts with God’s Word, practice being grateful, pray in tongues, listen to inspiring messages and pull down small and negative thoughts. Everything, and I mean everything, depends on this.

Principles of Success 09 Learn How Gender Works

God made humanity male and female. There’s a particular male energy and a particular female energy. The way the world is pressing is to eliminate those differences but male and female are different. They are not the same! Being a good man is not precisely the same as being a good woman. God has made us male and female on purpose. I often counsel newly-weds who struggle to find out how different their spouse is, not realizing it is just gender differences.

We are not the product of random chance and millions of years of evolution we were designed by God and your manhood or womanhood was deliberately part of God’s design, something God did on purpose, with intention, and God has put you on earth with a plan that is aware of the gender you are!

The word man in Hebrew is “Adam” and we have two Adams in the Bible to learn from, the first Adam, Adam, and the second Adam, Jesus. The Adam from the book of Genesis was given the whole earth to rule – to have great adventures, to work the land, to obey God, and to care for the woman. He failed to do all of them, but that was the design. Men today are supposed to be having adventures, obey God, work and when God brings them a woman to love them. Don’t fall like Adam and be passive – men are supposed to be active, to have energy that leads and creates and produces. If you are male, be a man!

Jesus was also a man – born male. He also had a design to have adventures with God, do work, and love and care for the woman God brings to Him. He was active, strong, worked with his hands, made things with wood, and when God brought him the bride of the church, He has done nothing but love the church and care for her, no matter how badly she treated Him.

Jesus in the garden did not fail to be a man, He did not fail to step up. He allowed himself to suffer to take the place of others to help others. That is part of being a man. This is what Adam did not do – He did not want to confront satan and just stood there and let a talking snake seduce his wife. Not manly! Not working like a man! Real manliness is not passive, it is brave, bold, adventurous, it expects rewards from God in assertive and strong faith.

The energy of a woman is similar but not the same. Mary was brave, and brought Jesus into the world. When Eve ignored God’s Word, Mary said “let it be to me according to the Word”, Eve doubted the Word, Mary doubted her doubts and trusted the Word. She was confronted with a situation which is truly impossible in the natural realm, but God said. She was also prepared to be pregnant and unmarried and undergo the abuse of that. But she embraces God’s call in her life. She was not working the land and leading the same way as the Adam, but she was expecting God’s best and trusting God’s Word. A true woman embraces what God tells her, makes wise choices and expects God to come through for her.

If you understand these essential differences, you will do well.

If you are a man, you can spend time and find out how women work. If you are a woman, you can spend time and find out how men work. The male-female relationship is designed to complement each other – you are supposed to be working in a team that contains male and female. Children, both boys and girls, should be raised by mum and dad.

Men need the company of men, the mentorship of men, and male heroes. Women are the same. I’m not saying there is no overlap, that would be untrue and foolish, but I am saying that men are essential to men and vice versa, and we would do well to learn that.

If you are a leader, men and women have different energies, learn how to work with both!