Principles of Success 21 Focus!

Last time, I spoke on the power of memory and using your memory to remember the good things and not meditate on the bad. It’s so important you learn how to work your memory. Now, when I go to the gym, I don’t just work out let’s say my biceps, I will also work my triceps. I will work different muscle groups because I want all of my body to be stronger. It’s the same with your mind, do not just work on developing a good, strong, godly memory, but work on the power of focus.

It is hard to focus your mind because your body is basically an information gathering machine. As I am typing this I am in a hotel room in Albania, the chair is slightly shorter than I would like and I can feel that, it’s nearly dinner time and I feel hungry too, in front of me is a giant hotel room TV, my phone is to the right of me flashing notifications, I can see a lot. Outside I can hear people walking about, and the air con is rather noisy too. My body is an information gathering machine! That’s just my senses, that’s not me even using my memory to remember something, my mind to imagine what dinner might taste like, to think about how to solve a problem or how to bless someone or whatever. We need to learn to shut down all the streams of information coming our way and focus on one thing at a time – for me right now it is this blog.

When I started this blog today, when I go to the website to type, it’s just a big empty page and I choose what to write. Life is like that too – it’s just a big empty page, and you choose what to write. But here is the thing, if you try and write everything at once you will write nothing that is meaningful. If you try and do everything at once you will fail, if you try and dream every dream at once, you will fail, you need to develop the mind-muscle of focus. You need to learn how to concentrate. I have seen many young people who would be awesome doing something if they just learned to focus. The main reason your walk with God is not where it should be is that you do not focus. The reason your dreams do not come true is you do not focus. Focus increases power, it’s that simple.

What is the number one way to achieve a goal quicker? Focus. What is the number one way to gain energy? Focus. What is the number one way to achieve anything? Focus. When Kennedy asked von Braun “can we reach the moon”, Braun said “All it will take is the will to do it”. In other words, if we focus on getting to the moon we will get there. What you can focus on you will get to.

Learn how to focus. Learn how to spend time doing one thing and doing it well. Learn how to dismiss other things vying for your attention and do the one thing that is needful, whatever that is for the moment, be consistent in your prayer and Bible times and learn to focus.

Principles of Success 20 Do Not Forget!

Part of your soul is your memory. Your ability to remember things. Your memory is actually a superpower that every human has. You can remember good things, remember the Word, remember the truth. When our emotions overwhelm us, we can remember good times, remember God’s faithfulness, remember the Word.

But like every muscle, you need to use your memory. You need to remember good things to be a success in life. When I see someone who is struggling in their mind, I know they are not using their memory well.

When the Israelites crossed the Red Sea, Moses actually tells them to remember that day (Exodus 13.3). That sounds silly – surely if you walked through the sea split in two you would never ever forget a day like that. But I know people who have forgotten their miracles, their healings, their financial provision. They have forgotten what God has done for them. They have forgotten how good God is. That kind of weakness of memory means you need a memory workout.

You need to start remembering all the good things God has done for you. You need to remember that He brought you into the kingdom, that He turned your dead spirit into a living spirit. You need to remember that you were a slave to sin and now you are free. You need to remember that the Lord is your healer and provider and helper. If you have forgotten those things – and you can tell if you are not happy today – if you are overwhelmed by depression – you have forgotten God is your joy! If you are overwhelmed with sickness, you have forgotten by His stripes you are healed. If you are overwhelmed with grief, you have forgotten that He bore your griefs! You need to remember!

One of the reasons the disciples were told they had a hard heart and struggled to belief in miracles is that they did not remember the miracles they had seen (Matthew 16.9). I believe one of the reasons I see so many miracles is that I remind myself of all the miracles I have seen. I work my memory out – not to remember the tough times and bad times, but to remember the good times. Sometimes someone will tell me about a tough situation they have been through, and I say “I have been through the same thing”, and it astounds them, they cannot believe it! Because I don’t use my memory for that, my memories do not dominate me – I dominate them, I use my memory as a tool to remember the Word and the miracles I have seen to keep my heart soft.

It is a key to success – learn to harness your memory.

Principles of Success 19 Think About It!

I was at a church in America a few years ago with Amanda, and Richard and Jacqui Waller. During the preaching, one man in the back responded regularly by crying out not “amen”, “come on”, “preach it”, or even “yee-haw” but with a loud cry of “Think About it”.

The more I think about “think about it”, the more I realize that thinking about it is the most powerful tool we have for walking in success. Thinking about things is the only way to success. You can develop your mind, your power to think and dream, to change your whole reality, to move mountains, to walk in victory and health and abundance. Every problem can be solved by good thinking.

Yet very few people think. And very very very very very few people think about thinking. When was the last time you thought about how you think. Are you thinking great big thoughts? Are your thoughts pure? Are they even right? Are they true? Are you thinking about what you think and how you think? Are you hitting the same problems every single day because you do not think about it beforehand?

We all sense everyday – we see things, we hear things, we smell things, we taste things and we touch things every day. Our senses are part of our body and part of how we interact with the world. That is right and correct, but we need to then think about what we sense. But most people are far more aware of what they heard than their thoughts about what they heard. They are far more aware about their feelings than how to think about them. If something makes you sad, or glad, or mad, you are supposed to think about why, consider and use your mind to analyse that feeling. If you are going to walk in success, you are going to have to think about it – think about what you desire in life, think about the words you use, think about who you are spending time with, think about your habits, think about your feelings, you are going to have to do a lot of thinking.

Remember your spirit is perfect, it does not need to change or be altered or improved. Your spirit is a mirror of Jesus Christ’s spirit. You are made in the image of God Himself. You have His power and life inside you.

What needs to change is NOT YOUR SPIRIT if you are born again. What needs to change is what you think about when you think about yourself. Do you think of yourself as unlimited spiritual power? Do you think of yourself as holy, kind, true, pure? Or do you see yourself as only human? Are you the victim in life, or the champion of God? Are you the head or the tail? What you think determines where you end up – so open your Bible, learn some things and think about it!

You go to school for years, and you learn things, but you are never really taught to think about things. Yet spritual power flows into your body and your cupboards and your driveway and your life and your friends through your mind – through your thoughts, your dreams, your ideas and imagination! You need to think big thoughts because as you think – that is who you are! You use your mind to create pictures and they start to appear outside our mind in our lives!

Your spirit provides the desire, it wants you to win, to love, to walk in health and wealth, to be a success, to have good friends, to forgive, to submit to your husband, to love your wife – and if you get quiet enough you will feel that desire. Jesus say “what things you desire, when you pray”. Spend time in prayer until godly, spiritual, full of life and energy and power desires rise up inside you and let those desire paint a picture in your mind! Think About it!

By dreaming consistently, speaking your dream, dreaming your dream, sowing finances to people walking in your dream, acting on your dream, believing you have received the dream, living the dream – then the dream manifests from your spirit to your life through the pipe of your thoughts. Think about it!

As you start to think like this, you start to become a genius. Think about it. I think most Christians would rather die than think though, I really do. You need to become a thinker.

I have had many people come to me with a problem, and I always ask “What do you want to happen?” – most people will not tell me, either through shyness or embarassment of sharing a dream, but mostly because they have never prayed or thought about it. I think everyone who comes to me for help is really smart, because coming to me is a smart thing to do. So what you tell you me your dream is is not going to make me thing you are dumb, I already think you are smart because you came to me. I think you are a genius, but I want to help you express that spiritual life on the outside, and to do that I need to provoke you to think. Think about what you want your life to be like, how you want to life, what you want to do, what you want to change, what battles you want to win. THINK ABOUT IT!

Henry Ford once said “Thinking is the hardest thing to do in the universe, which is why so few people do it”. I agree with Henry Ford, I hear people talking about things and I think “Why are you even talking about that? Why are you letting that be in your heart? Why are you becoming that? Why would you let that dominate your heart?” I know why – they are not thinking. They are not realizing what the Bible say about thinking and speaking.

Principles of Success 18 Develop a Sense of Grace-Entitlement

A sense of self-entitlement is ugly. I deserve this because I am more awesome than others is an arrogant and divisive attitude. But we cannot replace a sense of self-entitlement with a sense of self-unworthiness – that is just as ugly. We need to stop thinking about self entirely and think about grace. When you think about grace, you are entitled to things, not because you are good but because God is good. You can have health and wealth, because God is good. You are entitled to wisdom and peace, because God is good.

Whatever your dream is, whatever your goal is – if it is in the realm of holy and good – you can have it, because God is good and God has shown you grace.

“I can do all things” is ugly talk. “I am nothing” is ugly talk. “I can do all things through Christ” and “I am nothing without Christ” is truth talk. Tie everything to Christ, not self, and dream accordingly.

Principles of Success 17 Money is Useful

I don’t want more money to have more things – I want more money to do more things. I don’t want a pile of money to sleep on or cuddle. I want it so I can change the United Kingdom.

In the modern world, money is the single medium of exchange for products or services. Want to hire a hall? Money. Want to heat that hall? Money. Want a projector to put some words up on the wall of that hall? Money. Want a laptop to have some nice words and pictures? Money. Want to play a guitar? Money. Want to put a poster up to let people know you are there? Money.

We no longer live in a barter system – with a few rare exceptions. It’s not like you don’t like hunting and I do your hunting if you make my arrows or whatever, we use money to exchange goods and services.

The more money I have, the more churches I can plant, the more TV I can on, the more people I can reach, the more materials I can produce. Money gives me power to do God’s will. I want more money because I am alive and I want my life to impact the world in the biggest way possible.

Money has no character, it is not good or bad, it is useful. For an evil person, more money could help them be more evil and sin more, they could buy more drugs, they could pay a prostitute, they could buy all sorts of selfish things. But for a good person, money is useful in being good.

Every goal or vision you have, it needs some money. Take time to deal with the poverty mentality and learn how to handle money and how to generate it, save it, spend it, invest it and sow it. You will never regret learning how to master money. Selah.