Principles of Success 29 Be the Star

Most people go through life like they are extras in the film of their life. They let the action happen around them, they let life happen around them. You need to make things happen, you need to act with some agency in your life. You need to change roles and get the results you shouldContinue reading “Principles of Success 29 Be the Star”

Principles of Success 28 How to Change Your Attitude

To get out of the flesh and in the Spirit, there are several things you can do. This one works really well: That’s it. Now when you shift attitude, don’t waste that you have done what it takes to be in the Spirit. Pray for people, read the Word, listen for guidance for your life,Continue reading “Principles of Success 28 How to Change Your Attitude”

Principles of Success 27 Never Stop Being Grateful

Grateful people win in life, ungrateful people lose. In 2 Timothy, Paul puts being ungrateful in the same list as being a boastful, proud, scoffing at God and disobeying your parents. It’s seen by the Word of God as a serious and life-damaging sin. We must do everything we can to be grateful. Being ungratefulContinue reading “Principles of Success 27 Never Stop Being Grateful”

Principles of Success 26 An Example in Dreaming

I want to try and help you in the most practical ways on how to do what God has called you to do and be a success in life. Now, let’s use finances as an example, as it is universal. Let’s say it is January 20th and you need £10000 on January 31st. Maybe itContinue reading “Principles of Success 26 An Example in Dreaming”