Principles of Success 29 Be the Star

Most people go through life like they are extras in the film of their life. They let the action happen around them, they let life happen around them. You need to make things happen, you need to act with some agency in your life. You need to change roles and get the results you should be getting.

The grace of God is on you for a great and wonderful life, a life of fruitfulness, peace, joy, kindness, abundance, life and goodness. A life where you are the solution to other people’s problems and make the world a better place.

But it really all starts with an attitude. If you are not happy with the results you are getting, you have to change your attitude. You have to decide where God wants you to go, and start walking there. Make some choices – have some agency in your life.

You can hear the extra attitude as it manifests in excuses. “I will start my business when the children have finished school, as soon as I sort this out, as soon as this happens, when I feel better”.

Listen carefully: if you resign as the decision maker of your own life and delegate decision making to circumstances, then all your dreams will die.

You need to be the star of your destiny. God put the power to choose life in your hands, so develop an attitude and start acting like the star of your destiny. It’s up to you to do it, to get it done. If you think you are at the mercy of what is going on around you, you will never have the attitude necessary to trust God, obey God and dominate this planet and do what you are called to do.

You have to be the one calling the shots. You have to be the one saying “I am doing to do this” and then you go and do it. It’s not a weak, wimpy, “I hope so”, it’s a strong action hero “I WILL DO THIS”

When you make that decision, everything changes. When you develop the attitude, I am going to walk in my destiny, and if Goliath gets in my way he will get a stone in my head, and if there is a sea in my way, I will split it, and if there is a lack and shortage, I will bless what I have, sow and reap and see miracles, because I am going to win – that attitude produces thoughts, images, words – and brings your destiny into manifestation and brings you into life and abundance and you end up doing what God designed you to do.

You have to make this decision – you have the power to walk in your destiny, no one else can do it for you. But most people never make that decision and live as extras on their own destiny.

Three things I would recommend all of you do.

  1. Write down your goals. Have a written goal. Whatever comes to mind. You know sometimes I get accused of carnal by setting material goals, but there are two truths that people need to realize. Firstly, money helps you get places and do God’s will. Secondly, money helps you learn how to believe and receive. You believing and receiving a new car or a new carpet – that will actually develop your faith to believe for healings, miracles, freedom, salvations, ministry. So just write what comes to mind. If nothing comes to mind, write down “I will have £10000 in savings by the end of 2023”. If you need to change the number, change it. It’s just something to help you learn how to walk in your dreams. Goals create dreams, dreams create reality.
  2. Tell people you trust what your goal is and ask for them to pray for you and believe in you!
  3. Stop blaming others, stop making excuses. I got a phone call today from someone blaming me for where his life is – no, I am only to blame for where my life is. They are to blame for where their life is. I know you had a rough childhood, but you are an adult now, and being an adult means you take responsibility and you be the star now. SELAH!

Principles of Success 28 How to Change Your Attitude

To get out of the flesh and in the Spirit, there are several things you can do. This one works really well:

  1. Write DOWN SEVEN THINGS that you are very thankful for. It is easier to start with things that are already manifest, but you can do it with things that are not yet manifest.
  2. Read the list over and over saying thank you to God until it starts to impact how you feel. I mean really feel thankful to God. Until your spirit (which is always grateful) starts to dominate your flesh (which is always ungrateful).
  3. If during this process, you start thinking of someone who are you ungrateful for or who gets on your nerves, thank God for them, forgive them, love them and add them to the list and fight your imagination to bring yourself to a place where you are grateful for them too. Don’t try and force yourself to think of someone, just if it happens, do this. Sometimes the person who gets on your nerves more than anyone is yourself. If so, thank God for you. Love yourself! Be grateful for you.

That’s it. Now when you shift attitude, don’t waste that you have done what it takes to be in the Spirit. Pray for people, read the Word, listen for guidance for your life, expect miracles.

Principles of Success 27 Never Stop Being Grateful

Grateful people win in life, ungrateful people lose. In 2 Timothy, Paul puts being ungrateful in the same list as being a boastful, proud, scoffing at God and disobeying your parents. It’s seen by the Word of God as a serious and life-damaging sin. We must do everything we can to be grateful. Being ungrateful for your life, your gifts, your ministry, your salvation, your pastor, your boss, your family, everything is very serious. Being grateful is a power that brings you into a new level of life.

Bob Proctor says that the first step to getting rich is to be grateful, and that the only way to be in harmony with God is to be grateful. The truth is that a good attitude is the most important way of doing everything you are designed to do, and the most powerful attitude is an attitude of gratitude.

If you are frustrated, depressed, flaky – then you cannot walk in your dreams, you cannot walk in your destiny, you cannot be a success – so change your attitude to one of gratitude. Start thanking God for every blessing you have! Everything comes back to the images in your mind, and we need the images of gratitude. It is impossible to have satan fill your mind with offenses and negativity if you are continually giving thanks to God. Nothing improves your attitude than gratitude!

What if you are giving thanks for someone then you remember that they have done something you don’t like? Forgive them. Release it, and focus on what you have to be grateful for.

Everything you have comes from God. Think about that until you are grateful. God is about to give you everything you desire. Think about that until you are grateful. Saying thank you to God is one of the most spiritual and loving things you can do.

I believe in my experience that ingratitude is the greatest factor in keeping someone in poverty. You have been given so many great gifts from God, but then you cut the connection to Him by failing to acknowledge the source of everything you have.

The more grateful you are the closer you are to God.

The closer you are to the God who gives you teh power to get wealth, the more wealth you will have.

Gratitude brings you closer to God. The more you consider that, the more you will realize how true that statement is. This is one of the greatest keys to success, learn it, and live it.

Principles of Success 26 An Example in Dreaming

I want to try and help you in the most practical ways on how to do what God has called you to do and be a success in life. Now, let’s use finances as an example, as it is universal. Let’s say it is January 20th and you need £10000 on January 31st. Maybe it is a debt you have to pay, maybe it is payroll for your staff, maybe it is rent for your business. In the natural, you have absolutely no idea where you are going to get £10000 from. You have £35 in the bank. And that is that.

How do you deal with a situation like that? Hopefully by now you realize the solution to this problem is in your imagination, but what do you dream, what do you think? What thoughts will solve this problem?

Most people do not try and solve that problem with imagination, they try and solve it with effort. Their first thought is “I will give it all I have and work hard” – but every second they are working hard they are worrying, they do not expect the money to come in, they are full of doubt and are battling fear.

The main image in their mind is what they do not want. Even if they are working hard to get away from that image, that image of poverty and lack is still the domination thought in their mind. Recognize that?

If the image in your mind is of lack, and you then reinforce that image by working hard out of fear and anxiety, then your image of who you are – someone who is in lack – will manifest, and by January 31st you will not have the money. The gauge is anxiety. If you are anxious, your imagery is wrong! You have to realize that the wrong images will affect your body – even making you sick.

So if that is not the approach, what is? You have nothing in the bank and 11 days to get it in our example. Firstly, let’s understand clearly the problem is not a lack of money. That is a symptom of the problem, the problem is a lack of knowledge. People are not destroyed through a lack of money, but a lack of knowledge (Hosea 4.6).

Now the first think you need to know is this: you can put whatever image you want in your mind, so why put an image of lack in there. Think something better than that. There is no excuse for a lack of knowledge because all the knowledge is out there. You can have an image of lack, so why not have an image of success. Start to imagine yourself with the money, start to see yourself paying that bill, start to see yourself with the money doing what you need to do to increase and walk in victory.

You could have less than £100 in the bank, but as soon as you can see the money in your mind, it will be there. You do not need to know where it is coming from, but you can form an image of it being there to the point where you are not worried about it.

Life is not what happens to you. It is what you see when what happens to you happens. The people who fail to be fruitful, it was not their circumstances, it was their image that was the problem. Hold the image of success in your mind and heart until there is no anxiety just peace. Keep it active in your mind, and that image in your spirit and soul will produce the money in your life and bank account. You have faith, you are a born again and have the power to see the invisible and do the impossible. You can walk in what most of the world, and most of the church sadly, say is impossible. You can go through the fire and not even smell of smoke, not even be anxious.

What image you hold in your mind is up to you. The choice is yours. It’s what we call free will. I get very concerned when people tell me that their life is out of control. It is entirely up to you to choose life and love and light. If you are in the dark, dying and feeling anxious, depressed and selfish, then you are the one who has the power to do something about it. Do not blame God – dream of what you want, expect it, image it, and it will manifest in your life.

Nothing else matters more than who you think you are in your heart. Are you the person who has the money in your heart, if so that is who you will be. Are you the person who has no money, working hard to get what you know you do not have, then that is who you will be.

Choose to be the dreamer. Choose to have the right image, and watch the harvest come in, watch your dreams come true. Focus on the right image, and the good will flow in your direction.

Now, this will work for anyone But that story is not a parable, it happened to me about three years ago, and I spent three hours praying in tongues, holding that image in my mind and heart, knowing that I had the money I needed. At the end of that time of prayer, I went to the gym, and by the time I was home, I had nearly £7000 come in within two hours. Within the next 48 hours, I was holding the money in my bank account that I held in my heart. That is how you walk in success.

Principles of Success 25 Get More Money

One of the goals of Billy Epperhart’s Money Mastery Course is once you have got your income above your expenses every month to create enough passive income that it is more than your active income. Active income is trading your time and energy for money. Passive income is trading your money for more money. With active money, you work for the money. With passive money, your money works for more money.

In the UK, less than 4% of people have any form of passive income. That’s not wise. Listen, it does not matter how much you are paid per hour, if you are paid for your time, you are doing life wrong. Charge by the job, not the hour, and learn how to invest money to make money.

Think just 3 people in every hundred are using money to make money. Most people do not even have money to invest, so that’s the first step. Start expecting money to come in, deal with your over-spending and get yourself to a place where you can invest money, even a little every month. Then learn how to invest.

Starting to do this gives you more time to do the most important things – read the Word, pray, dream, expect, imagine, developing faith and wisdom. As Christians we should be in the top 3% of the population as a minimum – dream right now of having passive income, of having income from investments, of walking in your dreams.

DREAM BIGGER! Imagine yourself as a rich person because as you think in your heart so are you – paint the picture in your mind and see it! Your ability to imagine and dream is the most powerful force on earth! Imagine yourself out of debt and get yourself where you need to be!

Principles of Success 24 How to Earn More

I believe God wants you to earn more in 2023. I believe God wants you to be a success in every area of your life – and your income is one of those areas!

What you get paid is a combination of the demand for your skills, how well you do what you do, and how hard it would be for your employer to replace you. Now the only one of those that you have direct and total control over is this: how well you do what you do. If you want to earn more money, do whatever it takes to become a master of your thing. God has designed us so that everyone of us has a superpower – something that if you develop that skill and do it, other people will think it is somehow beyond the level of the supernatural.

So here is one of the most important questions you need to ask yourself: how good am I at what I am doing? And what am i doing to improve. I would break your job into maybe four or five main sections – and plan to improve on each of those sections in 2023. Get a course, read a book (or two or ten), find a mentor and LEARN HOW TO DO WHAT YOU DO BETTER THAN YOU DO NOW.

That will make your life more successful – not just income, but in a whole lot of other areas. Become the best in the world at what you do and you will never even have to waste time thinking about money again! That is another form of success. Some of you need to imagine having no more creditors! That will change your life!

If you want to earn £1million in 2023, you need to provide something to people worth £1million. It does not have to be one thing worth £1million, though that would work – but a million things worth £1 to people would do it too. When you walk in to that kind of flow, it multiplies – everything in your life multiplies. You have to do what it takes to get into the flow of success – and it will flow more. Dream big, expect increase and do what God calls you to do and LEARN HOW TO DO IT WELL.

One element of fulfilling your call is not just capability but character. Work on being humble, learning to follow instructions, be kind, work with other people, have integrity, maintain a close walk with the Lord, don’t lie, don’t gossip – you might be the best widget maker in the world, but if you cannot be left alone with the widgets – you will never be a success. You might be the greatest pastor in the world but if you cannot handle pressure and betrayal – you are not going to succeed. More people fail because of lack of character than lack of capability, but you don’t have to choose – work on both!

Principles of Success 23 Understand Free Exchange

There seems to me that many Christians favour socialism over capitalism, but capitalism is based on one of the Biblical ways of becoming a success – the principle of free exchange. When I have something someone else needs and they have something I need, then when we freely exchange those things I am better off than so are they.

Last Tuesday, I got my hair cut while I was up in Scotland ministering. Now here in the UK, I go to a barbers that is a short walk from my house. In Scotland the price of the hair cut was half what it is in London! But I paid the man London rates because I wanted to be a blessing to him, but also because it was worth that value to me.

I was happy to do it because having tidy hair while I was preaching in Scotland Wednesday, doing a live stream Thursday and recording eight programmes Friday – not to mention three services at the weekend – was worth more to me than what I paid. He got a deal and I got a deal. That’s how we can add more value to the whole universe and make everyone better off! Most people are looking for a bargain, but that is not what we should be looking for – what we should be looking for is value. Then we make free exchange work for us. It does not matter what a pair of jeans was worth last week, or next week – but will they add value to your life now. That’s how things work, not by chasing bargains.

This is a blog post that I offer to you for free – but I also sell books and I am about to sell some courses too. What if you bought my Healing Book for £19.99 and while reading it you could now walk properly and sleep properly? You gained something worth a lot more than what you gave me for the book, but I am already healthy, so I gain and you gain. The principle of free exchange is what has developed and built civilization and we have to learn to work on the right side of it.

You can get on the wrong side of it – you can rip people off, stitch people up, give people something useless for money. But if what you are selling or exchanging adds to people’s lives then you are making the world a better place, and enrich everyone. Your motto should be: if I sell something, I will give every person more value than I take from them. Then you are bringing life and prosperity wherever you go.

Most people do not realize how powerful this principle is because they operate in a lack-mentality. They think that if they want more sweets, someone else has to have less sweets. No – we can make more sweets through the principle of free exchange. We can share ideas, concepts, systems and increase the prosperity and abundance in the world.

If you are working for an employer right now, your salary is based on a combination of three things: how much demand there is in the world for your skills (who needs what you do), how good you are at doing it, and how hard it would be to replace you. People in jobs where anyone can do it and they can be replaced get minimum wage! Now, the one that you can control the easiest is how good you are at doing it. Want to be paid more? BECOME A MASTER OF WHAT YOU DO!

Now – when I say that – your next question might be – how good am I at doing what I am doing? I’ll answer that next week!

Principles of Success 22 You Need More Money. You Need LOTS more money. No, you need more money than that!

It must touch your imagination that you need a lot more money. Big money. Lots of money. Loadsamoney. That idea must not seem crass to you because it is a kingdom idea. God made a whole planet for Adam and Eve – He is extravagant, generous, kind, and big when it comes to finances and natural resources. I dare to say that there is not a single person reading this blog who is believing for, expecting and dreaming of enough money. We need to realize this. To do what God has called us to do is going to need so much more money than we currently have.

You need to be dreaming of saving more, spending more, giving more, investing more and using more money for the kingdom. You need a big dream when it comes to finances. If we do not dream it, it will never manifest.

There is a stream of finances, of supply, that God has prepared for us – big money, lots of money, loadsamoney, extreme wealth, financial freedom, financial increase, wealth that you would be embarassed about, ridiculous prosperity. It is powered to you by your expectations and hope and dreams. If you get your expectations sorted, if you deal with all the negative ideas you have about finances, if you stop thinking “it’s not all about money, why is he talking about money again” – when this is the 22nd post in a series that is not all about money – when you deal with your limited thinking you will start to move that river of unlimited supply towards you.

Sadly, some of us have more faith in poverty than prosperity. Even though prosperity comes from God and poverty comes from satan! If you are expecting poverty more than prosperity, you have more faith in satan and misery and loss than God and peace and abundance and the kingdom!

One of the reasons why so many Christians are poor is that obtaining wealth requires two things: work and a plan. Poverty needs no work and no plan. Napolean Hill says “Poverty needs no plan… for riches to take the place of poverty, the change is brought about through well-conceived and carefully executed plans”. That is an essential truth you need to think about. What are your plans for 2023 to increase in wealth? How much money have you planned to save in 2023? How much money have you planned to invest? How much money have you planned to save? Every wealthy person I have ever met has had thoughts and dreams that have led to plans – plans that have impressed their heart so much it has changed their whole soul – their thinking, their decisions and their emotions.

There is a river of abundance heading to you – powered by your dreams. If it has not reached you yet, dream bigger. Stop listening to the small-minded, stop dreaming tiny dreams, stop speaking out your doubts and poverty mentality. You are praying God to pay your electric, try dreaming for enough to pay for the electricity for the whole street and your whole church. You are believing for this month’s car payment – start stretching yourself so you can believe to pay the whole car off, and an extra 3 cars to give to 3 others. You are dreaming of having enough to pay this month’s mortgage off, why not dream of paying the whole house off, and having ten properties all generating passive income for you? It’s time to change the world – and we need finances to do that.

So you need to dream of big money. Bigger than that. No, bigger than that. Try again. Bigger. Now hold that amount in your mind until you can see the river of prosperity bringing that to you. Let it affect your decisions, your thinking, your plans, your emotions. And get ready – make plans to save, spend, invest, grow, develop, spend – it’s time!

Next week, I am going to share about the principle of free exchange and why it matters so much to the kingdom of God.

Principles of Success 21 Focus!

Last time, I spoke on the power of memory and using your memory to remember the good things and not meditate on the bad. It’s so important you learn how to work your memory. Now, when I go to the gym, I don’t just work out let’s say my biceps, I will also work my triceps. I will work different muscle groups because I want all of my body to be stronger. It’s the same with your mind, do not just work on developing a good, strong, godly memory, but work on the power of focus.

It is hard to focus your mind because your body is basically an information gathering machine. As I am typing this I am in a hotel room in Albania, the chair is slightly shorter than I would like and I can feel that, it’s nearly dinner time and I feel hungry too, in front of me is a giant hotel room TV, my phone is to the right of me flashing notifications, I can see a lot. Outside I can hear people walking about, and the air con is rather noisy too. My body is an information gathering machine! That’s just my senses, that’s not me even using my memory to remember something, my mind to imagine what dinner might taste like, to think about how to solve a problem or how to bless someone or whatever. We need to learn to shut down all the streams of information coming our way and focus on one thing at a time – for me right now it is this blog.

When I started this blog today, when I go to the website to type, it’s just a big empty page and I choose what to write. Life is like that too – it’s just a big empty page, and you choose what to write. But here is the thing, if you try and write everything at once you will write nothing that is meaningful. If you try and do everything at once you will fail, if you try and dream every dream at once, you will fail, you need to develop the mind-muscle of focus. You need to learn how to concentrate. I have seen many young people who would be awesome doing something if they just learned to focus. The main reason your walk with God is not where it should be is that you do not focus. The reason your dreams do not come true is you do not focus. Focus increases power, it’s that simple.

What is the number one way to achieve a goal quicker? Focus. What is the number one way to gain energy? Focus. What is the number one way to achieve anything? Focus. When Kennedy asked von Braun “can we reach the moon”, Braun said “All it will take is the will to do it”. In other words, if we focus on getting to the moon we will get there. What you can focus on you will get to.

Learn how to focus. Learn how to spend time doing one thing and doing it well. Learn how to dismiss other things vying for your attention and do the one thing that is needful, whatever that is for the moment, be consistent in your prayer and Bible times and learn to focus.

Principles of Success 20 Do Not Forget!

Part of your soul is your memory. Your ability to remember things. Your memory is actually a superpower that every human has. You can remember good things, remember the Word, remember the truth. When our emotions overwhelm us, we can remember good times, remember God’s faithfulness, remember the Word.

But like every muscle, you need to use your memory. You need to remember good things to be a success in life. When I see someone who is struggling in their mind, I know they are not using their memory well.

When the Israelites crossed the Red Sea, Moses actually tells them to remember that day (Exodus 13.3). That sounds silly – surely if you walked through the sea split in two you would never ever forget a day like that. But I know people who have forgotten their miracles, their healings, their financial provision. They have forgotten what God has done for them. They have forgotten how good God is. That kind of weakness of memory means you need a memory workout.

You need to start remembering all the good things God has done for you. You need to remember that He brought you into the kingdom, that He turned your dead spirit into a living spirit. You need to remember that you were a slave to sin and now you are free. You need to remember that the Lord is your healer and provider and helper. If you have forgotten those things – and you can tell if you are not happy today – if you are overwhelmed by depression – you have forgotten God is your joy! If you are overwhelmed with sickness, you have forgotten by His stripes you are healed. If you are overwhelmed with grief, you have forgotten that He bore your griefs! You need to remember!

One of the reasons the disciples were told they had a hard heart and struggled to belief in miracles is that they did not remember the miracles they had seen (Matthew 16.9). I believe one of the reasons I see so many miracles is that I remind myself of all the miracles I have seen. I work my memory out – not to remember the tough times and bad times, but to remember the good times. Sometimes someone will tell me about a tough situation they have been through, and I say “I have been through the same thing”, and it astounds them, they cannot believe it! Because I don’t use my memory for that, my memories do not dominate me – I dominate them, I use my memory as a tool to remember the Word and the miracles I have seen to keep my heart soft.

It is a key to success – learn to harness your memory.