Principles of Success 11 It Doesn’t Have to Make Sense

Imagine God spoke to you and said get up at 4am tomorrow and pray in tongues for one hour. That will never in a million years make sense to your natural mind, but here’s the good news – it doesn’t have to, you can do it anyway. You might think “Hey, I don’t get up at 4am”, doesn’t matter, you can! You might think “I could never pray that long”, but what you think and reason and rationalize doesn’t matter. God has told me to do many things I do not have the capabilities to do. but it doesn’t matter. He has told me to do things that do not make sense, but it doesn’t matter, it does not have to make sense.

You do not have to understand, to grasp, to be comfortable with, anything God tells you to do. You can still do it. When you are being led by the Lord, you will end up in places you have never been before. What you need to work on is not making sense, but dreaming. Use your mind to imagine not to rationalize and you will walk in your dreams and have good success.

Or let me say it like this – DO NOT DREAM REASONABLE DREAMS. Dream big huge dreams that are utterly unreasonable. Your imagination is the only thing that can change your life, that can be given substance by faith and produce a new reality around you. The clothes you are wearing, the car you drive, the body you have – all are determined by your thoughts and imaginations! You want them to change, change your dreams and stop dreaming reasonable, sensible, rational dreams.

The energy of your dreams changes your world. Proverbs says it like this – as a man thinks in his heart so is he, Paul says be transformed by the renewing of your mind, John tells us that he is praying that we prosper and be in health, even as our soul prospers. All of this is various ways of saying the same truth – our dreams determine our reality. When God puts an image in your mind, dare to dream no matter what the circumstances say.

Your dream will bring to you everything you need – the people, the resources, the stuff, the ideas, the plans. THERE IS NO DOUBT IN GOD’s HEART – THERE NEEDS TO BE NO DOUBT IN YOUR HEART EITHER, whether it makes sense or not. Never use rationality to judge your dreams!


Principles of Success 10 You Are Who God Says You Are, But You Manifest Who You Think You Are

Nothing matters to your future success as much as your imagination.

We all have the same grace. The grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men. If we are born again, we all have identical spirits, that are the same nature and identity as Jesus.

But that will only manifest as we imagine we are like Jesus. The Word of God is so clear. As a man thinks (imagines) in his heart, so is he. You manifest who you think and imagine and dream you are.

Two men both get saved on the same day, they are both the same age. The one who wins in life is the one who disciplines himself to think success, to dream big, to imagine himself a success, perceives himself as happy and loving and full of faith. The one who never restrains their imagination, never chooses what to think, never renews their mind never experiences life transformation is not succeeding in life.

They both have the same salvation, the same measure of faith, the same grace, but one thought differently and that made all the difference.

The idea, the concept, that nothing matters to your future success as much as your imagination has been mocked by the church for hundreds of years. Most Christians take a que sera sera approach to life and asse anything happening is the will of God! Nothing could be more unscriptural or foolish. The truth is we must change what we dream to be a success in life.

You must take the time to find out what your God given dream and destiny is and dream it with Him! It is essential. Otherwise everything in your life will be trivial and eventually nonsensical to you, and you will become a slave to a useless monotony and eventually your mind will regress to bitterness at the success of others walking in their dreams.

Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks, and I hear so many talking about things that make no difference to them or the kingdom of God. So therefore their heart is full of these things. So therefore their life will not manifest abundance and success. They will never make a difference in the world, they will never go in the direction they want.

We must get a handle on our thoughts and imaginations, fill our hearts with God’s Word, practice being grateful, pray in tongues, listen to inspiring messages and pull down small and negative thoughts. Everything, and I mean everything, depends on this.

Principles of Success 09 Learn How Gender Works

God made humanity male and female. There’s a particular male energy and a particular female energy. The way the world is pressing is to eliminate those differences but male and female are different. They are not the same! Being a good man is not precisely the same as being a good woman. God has made us male and female on purpose. I often counsel newly-weds who struggle to find out how different their spouse is, not realizing it is just gender differences.

We are not the product of random chance and millions of years of evolution we were designed by God and your manhood or womanhood was deliberately part of God’s design, something God did on purpose, with intention, and God has put you on earth with a plan that is aware of the gender you are!

The word man in Hebrew is “Adam” and we have two Adams in the Bible to learn from, the first Adam, Adam, and the second Adam, Jesus. The Adam from the book of Genesis was given the whole earth to rule – to have great adventures, to work the land, to obey God, and to care for the woman. He failed to do all of them, but that was the design. Men today are supposed to be having adventures, obey God, work and when God brings them a woman to love them. Don’t fall like Adam and be passive – men are supposed to be active, to have energy that leads and creates and produces. If you are male, be a man!

Jesus was also a man – born male. He also had a design to have adventures with God, do work, and love and care for the woman God brings to Him. He was active, strong, worked with his hands, made things with wood, and when God brought him the bride of the church, He has done nothing but love the church and care for her, no matter how badly she treated Him.

Jesus in the garden did not fail to be a man, He did not fail to step up. He allowed himself to suffer to take the place of others to help others. That is part of being a man. This is what Adam did not do – He did not want to confront satan and just stood there and let a talking snake seduce his wife. Not manly! Not working like a man! Real manliness is not passive, it is brave, bold, adventurous, it expects rewards from God in assertive and strong faith.

The energy of a woman is similar but not the same. Mary was brave, and brought Jesus into the world. When Eve ignored God’s Word, Mary said “let it be to me according to the Word”, Eve doubted the Word, Mary doubted her doubts and trusted the Word. She was confronted with a situation which is truly impossible in the natural realm, but God said. She was also prepared to be pregnant and unmarried and undergo the abuse of that. But she embraces God’s call in her life. She was not working the land and leading the same way as the Adam, but she was expecting God’s best and trusting God’s Word. A true woman embraces what God tells her, makes wise choices and expects God to come through for her.

If you understand these essential differences, you will do well.

If you are a man, you can spend time and find out how women work. If you are a woman, you can spend time and find out how men work. The male-female relationship is designed to complement each other – you are supposed to be working in a team that contains male and female. Children, both boys and girls, should be raised by mum and dad.

Men need the company of men, the mentorship of men, and male heroes. Women are the same. I’m not saying there is no overlap, that would be untrue and foolish, but I am saying that men are essential to men and vice versa, and we would do well to learn that.

If you are a leader, men and women have different energies, learn how to work with both!

Principles of Success 08: Be a Looker for the Good

The Bereans were called noble by Paul because they checked out what he preached against Scripture. I agree with that, everything we say should be checked out against Scripture. But the wording in Acts is very specific. Acts 17.11 says “Now the Berean Jews were of more noble character… because they examined the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so”. Notice they did not examine the Scriptures to see if these things were not so. Their outlook was positive, they were looking for the good in what Paul preached, not the bad. They were not heresy hunters, they were truth hunters.

To succeed in life, you must become a truth hunter. Paul later told the Thessalonicans to test everything, and to hold onto the good. Do not hold onto the evil, but hold onto the good. Forgive the evil and hold on to the good.

A few years ago a man came to me after I had preached. Now there is a certain walk every preacher learns to recognize, it is called the “I am going to sort out your doctrine right now” walk. And this man was gunning for me. He got to me and said “You said a thing today that I did not agree with”. I said “That’s awesome news to me” which surprised him. I continued “I have said let’s say 100 things in my sermon today, which means we are 99% in agreement, that’s such a high percentage, that rarely happens with anyone, we are like brothers, like twins, let’s hug” and I hugged him, which took all the wind out of his sails.

Of course – if you look – you are going to find that one thing you disagree with in a sermon, a preacher, a church, a business, a song, a wedding, a funeral, a child, a boss, an employee. But if you instead look for the good – the world will be a better place. If you are constantly sowing “looking for the good”, you will find people look for the good in you. That’s worth it alone, but the other side of this is you start to find the good in others. And then you find some real treasure, treasure you need to complete your mission in life.

God has hidden your success in other people, so you better change your focus when you look at them. God gave the Bereans the message of salvation for Paul, it’s a good thing they looked beyond him and found the treasure. Selah.

Principles of Success 07: Dominate Before You Are Dominated

You were created to have dominion, that is how God made man. The problem with life is if the individual created to have dominion over a situation does not take that dominion, does not take charge, someone else will take it illegitimately. If you do not take charge of your body, sickness will. If you do not take charge of your finances, poverty will. As a pastor, if you do not take charge of your church, some carnal upstart will.

Dominion over the works of the devil – demonic attack, sickness, poverty, temptations to sin is exercised through three things – what we think and what we say and what we do. If sickness attacks your body, start to think about God’s healing promises, start to think about how well you are, start to think victory. Then start to speak it, then act healed – get up and do what a healthy person would do. It is really that simple.

Dominion over people is more complicated. We are not ever given the ability to command another person. For example, when Paul wanted the Romans to think better thoughts, even a man with the authority, spiritual rank and anointing of Paul said “I beseech thee, brethren” which is King James English for “I’m begging you”. Even the best preachers can only beg people to think right and live right.

But we are given spheres of authority that we need to control. For example, I am the lead pastor of Tree of Life Church in Dagenham. God birthed that church on earth through me, named me the pastor and gave me the dominion over it. If that church failed, it’s on me – I will be accountable before Jesus – what happened to the church I gave you is a question that will be asked of me. So if Brother Bigmouth turns up on Sunday and starts yelling at me when I am preaching, or yelling in tongues trying to prophesy over me, and I let him, then I am failing as a pastor to feed my people. I cannot sit there and let someone else stop me doing what God has called me to do in the area I have been given authority. So I will stop them, and if necessary have them removed from the church. But I cannot control that person, I can only control the meeting. If they start another church across the road, that is on them, I can then only love them. My ability to stop them intruding stops at the limit of my God-given leadership. It’s the same if you are the boss of a company, or the dad in a house. I hope this makes sense to you, as it is vital. You must take control or it will control you. Many people have tried to usurp leadership in Tree of Life, and I have had to fight, and you are no different if God has given you something. The church is not a democracy, it is not a popularity contest – it is the very kingdom of God and the king must be the one who makes the decisions not us.

I know our democratic Western mind does not like this, but it is the truth, we are in the kingdom of God and if King Jesus has given you a mountain to take, you do not concede it to anyone else no matter who they are, even if they tell you “thus saith the Lord”, you do not concede. I had one minister try desperately to control Tree of Life, even asking for my acounts so he could tell me how to spend the money. I turned up at a conference he was speaking at with a T-shirt that said “I DO NOT WORK FOR YOU, I WORK FOR JESUS” (I had it specially made). You will not wrest from my hands what I know I will stand before Jesus and answer for.

But then when someone leaves Tree of Life, I have no more responsibility for them any more. Their next pastor will be the one standing before God – did you help that person, because we cannot control people, we can only control what God has given us to build and do. We need to be like policemen and realize that away from our turf, we have no authority here. As much as I love Die Hard, there is no place for John McLean in the kingdom of God!

Now this is the choice that some of you must face, and how you choose will determine the level of your success. To be part of something bigger than yourself and connect to that something, you must yield to the God-given authority of that place. For example, if you come to Tree of Life you will have to yield to the authority of the local pastor, and then myself You will therefore at times not be able to always do things your way or get what you want. You will not be able to decide exactly how things are done, you will have to endure things done my way, not your way. But the reward for that, it will always be greater that the cost. If it is genuinely costing you more to be in a particular church or job than it rewards you, then leave and find a better church – but first check it isn’t your rebellious heart rather than a genuine problem. Selah.

Principles of Success 06: See It Right

Whenever something happens, whenever something around you is visible, is audible, can be sensed, whether we are successful or not depends on how we frame what we see.

How we frame what we see is one of the most important keys to living the life of Christ, the life of abundance, the life of faith. How you perceive things matters. If you change your perception you change your whole life, I mean absolutely everything changes when you change how you see things. When you change the way you look at something, then what you look at then changes. That is how powerful perception is.

What you have done with your day today depends entirely on your perception of things. How creative you have been today depends entirely on your perception of things. Whether you win or lose depends entirely on your perception of things. How effective you have been today depends on how you perceive things. The better I perceive things, the more successful I become, the more fruitful I become. The more I produce. It all depends on how I see things.

And there is no limit to how much your perception can grow and increase. You can see things for higher and higher points of view until that we see things the way God does and get to a place we can bring light to an entire planet of darkness.

If you start to deliberately frame what you see with God’s Word and God’s love and God’s goodness and His abundance, then the change in your life will be immense. I mean more than you can ask or imagine. And you will never change back – and you will keep getting better and more fruitful. This is so important. You have to see things from a heavenly point of view.

One of the most important places to start with how you see yourself. So many people draw their self-worth from the opinion of others, from how good we are at certain things, or what is going on in our lives. We have to stop worshipping the opinions of others, start to worship God and draw our sense of self-worth from Jesus. You need to draw your sense of who you are – you need to perceive your identity the way Jesus perceives your identity – you need to take the time to read, study, and hear the way Jesus perceives you and let all the other opinions that have gathered in your heart and mind for your entire life be uprooted and thrown into the sea.

Jesus is speaking to you right now about who you are. His life and love are affirming you as a champion, as the head and not the tail, as more than a conqueror, as a king and as a priest. You are wise beyond your wildest dreams, you are as righteous as Jesus, you have the power to solve every problem in your life and that power is in your spirit right now. Stop knowing yourself after the flesh and start to perceive who you really our.

The spirit world is a higher world than the soul world, and that is a higher world than the physical world. If you limit your perceptions to the physical and soul world, you are not perceiving yourself properly, you are limiting your identity to the lower levels of who you are. What should happen is you should perceive who you are in the spirit, that then changes your soul – your thoughts and emotions, then that changes your physical realm.

You need to change how you see things. Most people let results shape their thinking, our calling is to let the spirit shape our thinking and let our thinking shape our results. We have to relate to the spiritual world.

Imagine I had three chairs. Likein the three bears cottage that Goldilocks invaded. The middle chairs is not big or small, it’s the middle chair. But if I only had the big chair and middle chair, you would call it the small chair. If all I had was the small chair and the middle chair, you would call the same chair the big chair. It’s all about perspective.

Some people call £1000 the big chair, others see it as the small chair. The reality is that compared to the power of the Spirit £1000 is nothing, in fact a million is nothing. When you start to see how small money is, you will tithe, you will be a generous giver, you will never worry about money for a split second again, it’s tiny compared to the bigness of your spirit. If God tells you to give a ridiculous amount, you will just go – hey, that’s ridiculously small compared to what I have in my spirit.

When you start to compare things to the right things the way God does, then you will find that your life will go so much better and you will be so much happier. You need to pray and ask God to help you change how you perceive things.


Principles of Success 05: Make Good Choices

The most powerful thing that God gave you is your ability to choose. You can choose what you think, you can choose what you feel, you can choose what to do with your life. You can choose to be a success or fail. You can choose to learn how to live your life as the head and not the tail, or you can choose not to.

Here is one of the most important truths that everyone who wants to be a success in life needs to know: you can choose what you want, but you then have to live with your choice. You have the freedom to choose whatever you want, but you do not have the freedom to choose not to have the consequences of your choice.

God told the Israelites they could choose life or choose death. Those words are in the Scripture and still reverberate to every man and woman today. We can choose life or we can choose death. We can choose to think big or think little. We can choose to sulk or rejoice. We can choose to lie down or stand up and fight. We can choose to worry or dream. We have the power to choose.

But what none of us have the power to do is this – to choose life and get death, or to choose death and get life. What you choose is what you get.

If you fail to make godly, good choices, you will not live a life of abundance. You might say “Hey I didn’t know” but if you don’t know about gravity, that does not stop you falling! That’s the principles that the universe runs on – and you have a Bible and can find them out and work them.

If you do something selfish, it will come back to you – the principles of the Word are always working and they will work. If you do not understand how God has designed the universe, you will mess up. But if you do, you will win. Do not look at God’s Word as something restrictive, realize it is a necessary gift that if we study it and focus on it and imagine it – it will take us to an open place, a wide place, a great place.

You have to make a choice – life or death, and that is the only way to get to life is to choose it. You cannot get there without choosing it, you cannot stumble on life and success; you cannot change God or His Word or the way He runs life. You cannot have enough power to change the Word, you cannot have enough money to buy life without choosing it. You have to live in harmony with God’s Word – that is choosing life. That is the only path to success. True success.

God’s Word is an unchanging thing, and it holds you to it. You cannot excuse yourself for not knowing it. When you walk according to God’s Word, and dream big and count the stars and live in faith and hope and love and expect great results then you will get them. When you don’t, you won’t. That’s the truth.

And the principle we looked at in the last post is still the grandfather of them all – what you imagine is what you become. We have to see ourselves moving mountains, living like Jesus, forgiving the hard to forgive, loving our wives, opening blind eyes. All of it. Start reading the Bible, and start using your imagination over and over. This is choosing life, and failing to do that, is choosing death. No one can control your thoughts and no one can force you to choose life. God Himself will not force you, all He has done is set before you life and death and told you choose life.

I tell you the same: Choose life!

Principles of Success 04 Submit to the Flow

God has designed the universe to work, and gave us a Bible to find out how it works. There are principles to success and those principles are very exact. Far too many Christians are just doing their own thing and hoping God will bless it rather than find out what they should be doing.

Being a success in life is like mathematics, there is a way of doing it that leads to the correct answer and ways that lead to the wrong answer. When we study the Word, find out the principles of success and do them, we will be a success – we will be rich, healthy, happy, in the right place, with strong, healthy friendships and doing what we are designed to do.

You cannot make God, He has always been God, and you cannot destroy Him or diminish Him in anyway whatsoever. It’s that simple. God is, and you cannot change Him. You are the one who has to change. The will and purpose and passion of God is that you are a success, so if you are not, it is you who needs to change not God. If what you are doing is not making you an unbeatable winner, not bringing increase and prosperity and peace, you need to do something else because God is not about to suddenly change and start releasing glory into your disobedience of His principles!

Now one of things that you need to understand if you are to win in life is this – God is not just enough, He is more than enough. One of the names of God is El-Shaddai which means more than enough. There is more than enough energy, life, resources, money, peace and friendships in the world. There is absolutely no scarcity in the kingdom. If you are making decisions from a position of scarcity, your mind is not thinking in a godly way, your mind is thinking in a satanic way. Every pastor upset that another church has started in their town is thinking like satan not God. Every person who does not tithe because they think giving 10% to God will make them poor is thinking like satan not God. Everyone who thinks if they turn the other cheek they will become a doormat is thinking like satan not God.

There is more than enough energy in your body to do everything you are called to do. So many people complain about a lack of energy. Listen – even after you die you are still moving. Every molecule in your body is moving around – that’s how it turns into dust. There is more than enough energy. The walls in the room you are sitting in are moving at the speed of light right now. They look still but electrons are zooming around protons and neutrons faster than you can dream or imagine.

When we put our minds to anything, start to believe we can, we can do anything – the energy is there, the power is there, all we need to believe what God says, believe who we are, believe that we can do what He said we can do, and we can do. There is more than an abundance of life from Jesus!

President John F Kennedy asked Werner von Braun what it might take to build a rocket to take people to the moon safely, and his reply was all it takes is will. That is the truth.

We just need to believe we can have success, and successfully do everything God has called us to do. Most people do not have the ability to believe this, their faith is too weak because they never exercise their faith. They can barely hold an image of success in their mind for more than a few seconds, but you can develop the muscle of your imagination!

I challenge all of you to develop your imagination. Pick a book of the Bible, one of the gospels or Paul’s epistles and just read it, do not stop reading it until you read something that is outlandish to your imagination.

For example, you might read what Jesus said in John 14.12, “Anyone who believes in me will do the works I do”. Most Christians nod their head to that but very few carry that in their imagination or heart. That’s just a fact. But it is God’s Word, so you need to give yourself just a few minutes. Just let’s say 5 minutes. And you sit in a comfortable chair, play some soft music (instrumental only), and you imagine yourself doing that Scripture, or whatever one jumps out at you. YOU THINK ABOUT NOTHING ELSE AND JUST DOING THAT SCRIPTURE, and any other thought comes, kick it out and concentrate on the Word of God itself. By doing that you are doing a gym workout for your imagination and making it stronger. This is such an important skill, and sadly it is being lost today, people have neither the creativity or fortitude to dream the Word, and that is going to be one of the biggest bottleneck to revival. LEARN THIS SKILL. DEVELOP YOUR IMAGINATION, MAKE IT STRONG.

You have the ability to do anything in God’s Word, you are not lacking strength, energy, love or power. So think that way, over and over, until it becomes how you think. Then what you dream, as you think it is, it will manifest in your life. It will be created if necessary!

Do not nod your head at this and not do it. This is more important than working out your biceps, quads or even your heart. This is the most important thing that will bring you into success. Do not try and achieve success your way, do it His way.


Principles of Success 03 Never Be Ashamed of the Size of our God!

God is huge. Like really really big. Like bigger than the whole universe. He is huge, and His thoughts are huge. And He loves you, I mean really loves you.

So never be ashamed of how big our God is, how much we win, and how much blessing He wants to pour out on us. Never be ashamed of being alive, of being blessed, of being rich, of winning in life. of living life to the full, of winning every battle, of being absolutely abundantly blessed. The Lord told me once that He wanted the level of favour on my life to be ridiculous, and I believe it, and I enjoy it.

There is a conference I used to go to every year. And the teaching was great, but many of the people there did not like me, they have lied about me, attacked me and my family, spoken about me behind my back and made it their job to really humiliate me and put me down. A few weeks ago I was praying about this conference, and the Lord said to me “Do you know why you go there?” I said “To hear the good teaching”, and the Lord said “No, you could do that on your phone!”. So I said “I don’t know”. And the Lord told me that I go in the same way some religious people wear sackcloth and ashes, to deliberately make myself feel uncomfortable because on some subconscious level I am a little embarrassed about utterly blessed I am and how well my life is going! I actually go there to have a bad time because I am ashamed of how blessed I am. That’s crazy, but it resonated with me and brought me great freedom!

I was a little shocked to hear this, but I have run with it, I will not be going again, I will go to places that celebrate me – and there are loads of those places, so many! God said don’t try and mix the oil on your life with the water of people who don’t have any oil and just want to dilute you to make themselves feel better. That is the work of people with tiny dreams and that is not our portion!

We have to grow up and stop being satisfied with small! I heard a pastor recently tell me God had told him to have a small church. I don’t believe that man heard God, I believe he heard his own peanut brain! That’s not the God I know – God wants us to disciple nations! I am not ashamed nor do I despise small beginnings but everything that has God’s fingerprint on it grows. Because God is huge and He loves us!

I got an email last week from a man who left our church running us down and being rude to us, he went to another ministry and was trying to start his own ministry, but this email was asking for money. Like he was a little bird looking for seed in a bird feeder, or a beggar sitting on the floor.

The money was supposed to be for his ministry, but we are not fed by his ministry so why is he asking us for money – I know why because his ministry isn’t feeding people! Now give where you are told, but the normal way for a ministry to be funded is by the people we feed.

All our biggest givers at Tree of Life are people who are there in the services, that I am feeding and challenging and inspiring, I don’t call other churches and Bible Colleges and ask them to give me money for my ministry. Come on now! Aren’t we supposed to be clothed more than bird? Aren’t we supposed to live in abundance? If he needs money, he should get a job, earn, sow, give, and expect increase. That’s what we all need to do. We are designed by God to live a life of dignity and be the head not the tail, be the giver not the beggar. We have the glory and power of God inside us so let’s dream bigger than beggars! If your ministry is not big enough that the people you feed with it are not paying your way then stop begging other ministers and go get a day job until your ministry grows.

We have the life of God inside us, and we should expect it to manifest. We have the divine right that it will manifest! Stop being satisfied with low levels when we are supposed to be changing the world. You might have enough to buy yourself a car, but what about buying everyone in the church a car? That is abundance, that is life, that is the heart of God! We need to listen to His heart and dream as big as Him. We need to not be ashamed of how blessed we are.

The purpose of life is to advance and multiply, to grow. God’s work is always about greater than before. He never retreats. He doesn’t believe in retreat or stagnation, He believes in taking ground! I do too, because I am in Him and think like Him!

Now let’s talk about money. We cannot be ashamed to talk about money! You cannot change the world without money. Money alone won’t do it, but your dream and destiny requires money. If your heart was good, and you suddenly got more money, you would do more good tomorrow than you did today! So, earn more. Everyone can earn more. No one is at their limit of earning. All the money in the world is ours as children of God, the wealth of the wicked is ours, the gold and silver is ours, the cattle on a thousand hills is ours (that’s why I had a steak for breakfast today and another one for lunch!). It’s all ours. All you have to do is go and get it in some way that is legal and honest and godly. Earn it! Every single person should earn more and use that more to make more disciples across the world. You should be expecting increase. You should expect to own everything you need and have so much more for investing into the lives of others. That is God’s will and purpose for you.

You cannot change the world without lots of money. Life is not simple in our generation, it is complicated and to change things we need wealth. You dream of being rich, then feel guilty because religion told you poverty is tied to godliness. It’s not. If I can buy my son dinner for £5, I can buy 100 children dinner for £500, I can buy a million children dinner for £5 million! The more I have the more I can live for God and change the world. I am not talking about living for me, I am talking about living for God.

You have a talent no one else has. You have a destiny, and with that destiny, God gave you a super-power. He designed you in your mother’s womb to do something so well that other people would think you must be an alien! You have to find it (listen to what I am teaching on Love and Destiny on Sunday mornings at for more on this) and you have to start using it. You will enjoy life and earn more! What a deal!

Do not be ashamed of the size of your God. Everything you have done up until now is merely the small beginnings of another chapter that is going to open up a life beyond anything you can ask or imagine! God loves you, God’s will and passion for you is increase, God is on your side.

It’s time to stop being ashamed of how big God is and how big His blessings on your life are. Start expecting more blessings, start expecting ridiculous favour! It’s yours! You are designed for success, not failure. Success will not make you proud, failure will not make you godly. Stop being embarrassed at how good God has been to you, and start expecting more goodness than you have ever seen!

Principles of Success 02: See You The Way God Sees You

You cannot succeed in life until you see yourself the way God sees you.  Your mind is like soil, it just takes all the seeds sowed into it and reproduces them according to kind.

If I took some soil and planted wheat, I would get wheat. I could not get anything else.  The soil has no power to produce anything different than the seed.  So it is with thoughts.  What you think is what you produce.

Your life cannot produce different to what you think, and nowhere is that more true than when it comes to what you think of yourselves.  If you think you are going to fail, you will.  If you think you are going to succeed, you will win.

God thinks of you as a winner but that doesn’t make you win.  Only when you agree with Him and submit your thoughts to His thoughts will success suddenly become a visible harvest.

What you think about you is what will bring the abundant life to you or keep it forever put of your reach.  Your mind just produces what you think like the soil just produces what is sowed.

When was the last time you went to the Word of God and wrote down who you are based on what God says and spoke it out loud to yourself.  You have a book that describes you in the most powerful way. Stop ignoring it and blabbing your mouth with your stupid opinions of yourself all the time.  You have to get a grip of your thoughts by speaking the truth about who you are.

You are not who anyone else says you are.  You are not who you say you are.  You are who God says you are, but you will only manifest who God says you are if you think it and say it too.

You are who God says you are.  You manifest who you say you are.  So speak what God says!

Stop letting other people’s opinions root in the soil of your heart.  That produces a paradigm of us as a loser and we start to lose.  Then because we keep losing we reinforce the paradigm.

There are different ways to define the word paradigm but it is a picture of the world and your place in it that is painted in your heart.  Change the painting, change your life.  Or in Paul’s word… Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

Why does our image of ourself need renewed?  Because it was old even when you got it.  Your parents and the people around you started painting a picture of you in your heart as soon as you were born.

Think, if you were born to English parents you will grow up speaking English.  If someone kidnapped you as a baby and took you to China, you would grow up speaking Mandarin, and you would not know English.  The environment matters because it paints your heart.

You speak the language of the people you grew up surrounded by, but you also got your self image from their words too.  You painted a picture of your self using their words and I guarantee a lot of their words were wrong, so we need to repaint the image properly using God’s Word. Otherwise that image will dominate your life and hold you back from godly success.

That painting of your self in your heart, which you didn’t paint yourself, dominates your life and limits your ability to win. You must repaint it, and you must do it right.

There are limitations in your life you didn’t paint, problems you didn’t cause, lack you didn’t ask for. You need to repaint. That image more than anything else controls the way you behave. You have to grasp this and then put the effort in to change that image.

You went to school and learned maths and English and science, but no one taught you the most important thing to succeed: to repaint your self image in your heart. So we know what to do, but we don’t know how to make ourselves do it.

As a pastor, I meet brilliant, wonderful people nearly everyday who are having terrible results. Broke geniuses. Smart people who don’t know how to love their wife or submit to their husbands. Christians who are sick and sinful.

Their problem is not external, they don’t need a new course or new church or new job or new wife. They need to repaint the image in their heart. It’s that vital. Let’s make it personal… You need to repaint the image of you in your heart.

You can talk about the virtues of poverty as long as you like, but it doesn’t take long to realize that money helps you serve God, invest in others, and do what you are designed to do, not to mention it really helps you enjoy life. Broke people are not broke because they have no money, but because in their heart they see themselves as broke. Repaint the image and money will suddenly fly at that person!

We will continue this discussion later, but today make a commitment to go through the Word and find out one or two things it says about you and start declaring it and thinking it and start repainting that image.