Principles of Success 25 Get More Money

One of the goals of Billy Epperhart’s Money Mastery Course is once you have got your income above your expenses every month to create enough passive income that it is more than your active income. Active income is trading your time and energy for money. Passive income is trading your money for more money. WithContinue reading “Principles of Success 25 Get More Money”

Principles of Success 23 Understand Free Exchange

There seems to me that many Christians favour socialism over capitalism, but capitalism is based on one of the Biblical ways of becoming a success – the principle of free exchange. When I have something someone else needs and they have something I need, then when we freely exchange those things I am better offContinue reading “Principles of Success 23 Understand Free Exchange”

Principles of Success 22 You Need More Money. You Need LOTS more money. No, you need more money than that!

It must touch your imagination that you need a lot more money. Big money. Lots of money. Loadsamoney. That idea must not seem crass to you because it is a kingdom idea. God made a whole planet for Adam and Eve – He is extravagant, generous, kind, and big when it comes to finances andContinue reading “Principles of Success 22 You Need More Money. You Need LOTS more money. No, you need more money than that!”

Principles of Success 20 Do Not Forget!

Part of your soul is your memory. Your ability to remember things. Your memory is actually a superpower that every human has. You can remember good things, remember the Word, remember the truth. When our emotions overwhelm us, we can remember good times, remember God’s faithfulness, remember the Word. But like every muscle, you needContinue reading “Principles of Success 20 Do Not Forget!”

Principles of Success 19 Think About It!

I was at a church in America a few years ago with Amanda, and Richard and Jacqui Waller. During the preaching, one man in the back responded regularly by crying out not “amen”, “come on”, “preach it”, or even “yee-haw” but with a loud cry of “Think About it”. The more I think about “thinkContinue reading “Principles of Success 19 Think About It!”

Principles of Success 18 Develop a Sense of Grace-Entitlement

A sense of self-entitlement is ugly. I deserve this because I am more awesome than others is an arrogant and divisive attitude. But we cannot replace a sense of self-entitlement with a sense of self-unworthiness – that is just as ugly. We need to stop thinking about self entirely and think about grace. When youContinue reading “Principles of Success 18 Develop a Sense of Grace-Entitlement”

Principles of Success 17 Money is Useful

I don’t want more money to have more things – I want more money to do more things. I don’t want a pile of money to sleep on or cuddle. I want it so I can change the United Kingdom. In the modern world, money is the single medium of exchange for products or services.Continue reading “Principles of Success 17 Money is Useful”

Principles of Success 16 God’s Will is Increase!

You have to eliminate and remove and assault and attack any idea tht God wants you poor or sick, or that His purpose for your life is in anyway served by your poverty. God loves you and wants you to live in prosperity, abundance and wealth. God wants you to have a life of goodContinue reading “Principles of Success 16 God’s Will is Increase!”