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More Wisdom from a Plane



I am writing this while getting ready to fly from Boston to Dublin, and we are watching the safety video.

One of the things that we are told during these safety videos is that if you are travelling with people who for whatever reason cannot our their oxygen masks on themselves you should make sure yours is firmly attached first.

Seeing the video reminded me that while ministering to someone this week, I gave them the same advice.  This person was going out to some wild places with her friends to try and win them to Christ, but ended up doing things that hurt her and that she was ashamed of.

She was trying to help other people make a connection to the life giving oxygen of knowing Christ and His redemptive life, but her mask wasn’t attached properly.

I see that a lot as a pastor: people trying, out of a deep love and compassion, to help others see Christ but they end up choking themselves.

Your primary goal as a Christian isn’t to attach everyone else’s mask – it’s to make sure yours is attached.  When you are attached to Jesus properly, with life flowing from your spirit, through your soul, into your life.  You are superior to your environment, not driven by it. 

You are immune to what is going on around you as you are firmly attached to a different source of life, joy and purity.

You are humble, so prayer is simple.  You are grounded in faith, so Word study is part of your life.  You are above offense and selfishness, so being part of a lively local church is easy for you.

When this attachment is secure, then you can go and help others, and help change the world. 

God wants you to help others get their masks on and attach to the source of life, but make sure your mask is firmly attached first.

10 Reasons I Am Grateful for my trip to America


Bit personal this time, but I guess most people reading this blog are interested in my personal journey…

10.  I got to hear Andrew Wommack share his views on why universalism and preterism are wrong, and it was exceptionally powerful.  These ideas are making massive inroads in the UK and messing up churches, and it is so good to hear they are being countered and addressed.

9. Bonnie Duell is the best host in the world and made us feel so welcome at her house.  What a wonderful lady.  Just a pleasure and honour to have spent time with her.

8. I got to hear about future plans for AWME and the Charis colleges in the UK, and I have never been so excited about Charis as I am now.

7. I finally signed up for the Continuing Education for Ministers.  I will complete that in record time, and that’s going to help me a lot.

6. Have organised some great ministers to come to Tree of Life in the next while.  Just awesome.  Watch this space, but trust me, it is going to be wild.

5. Got to meet Pastor Bryan Lee and do some street work with him.  He is such a gifted evangelist and it was a joy to meet him.

4. Loved ministering at both Mountain High Church in Conifer and Faith Ministries in Kansas City.  FMIN is such a great network to be a part of, and Ed and Mona, and Dennis and Denise are just wonderful people.  Saw people healed in each service, and saw lives changed in each service.  It was a great time to share the Word.

3.  Amanda and I were given a very powerful prophetic Word by Bob Nichols, one of the greatest pastors.  Just beautiful.

2.  Just meeting so many awesome and wonderful people was such a joy.  If I start naming people, I will miss people out but the fellowship this year has been really really special, encouraging, dream building, character building and inspirational.

1. It was great to spend some time with Amanda.  Sometimes we are racing all over the place extending the kingdom, it was nice to spend time together and just relax 💘

End Times!


Fascination in end times seems to be at an all time high.  I would say I am being asked more questions about end times than anything.

Yet with all the interest, there is a lot of nonsense out there.  Some people are falling for date setting, for signs in the heaven that have nothing to do with God.  Other people are embracing the deception that end times have all happened, some are even saying Jesus returned in AD70!

So where do we go to find answers?  The Word

And in this series we get the Word.  Thirteen hours of teaching, covering the book of Revelation, the rapture, the antichrist and even aliens.


Don’t Give Up on Your Dream


The world needs your gift, your wisdom, your unique point of view.  Keep going, keep believing.

10 Tough Truths About Money


I make no apologies for everything in this list being challenging.  You need to be challenged about how you handle money, or you will never walk in your dreams.  It’s that simple.

  1. If you are not saving, you hate your future self.
  2. If you don’t tithe, you don’t believe God is good.  Deep down you don’t really know the goodness of God and trust Him.
  3. If you hate the word tithe, you hate the word prosperity.
  4. If you are not giving to where you are being fed the Word, you are not acting with honour.  You cannot succeed long term in life without acting in honour.
  5. If you do not work, you should not eat.
  6. If you don’t provide for your own family, you are worse than an unbeliever.
  7. If you don’t copy Abraham in tithing, you don’t really believe you have the blessing of Abraham, no matter how many thousands of times you declare it.  If you cannot believe God to increase your 90% more than your 100%, then you CANNOT and WILL NOT ever be able to believe for double your current income.
  8. 90% of people below the poverty line in the UK have A) not finished full time education, B) had children while still teenagers or C) gone through a divorce.  Simple Biblical, sexual ethics makes you wealthier, it’s that simple.
  9. If you haven’t got 3 months’ money in savings, you shouldn’t be getting married yet.
  10. If you spend it as soon as you get it, you will never be able to spend big. And that means you are really missing out!

7 People I Can’t Get My Head Around


Sometimes I watch people make a foolish decision and I think “yup, that could be me, I have definitely been that dumb before”.  Other times I was people make a decision and I just don’t understand.  I don’t grasp how they got to that point or how their priorities could be so far from what the Bible teaches are the right priorities to a successful life.

Hear are 7 actions that I can’t get my head around.  I will love you, I will try to sympathise, I will try and empathise; but I just don’t get it!

7.  People who skip church to take their children to a park/ grandma’s/ football/ cinema/ party.   You have just trained your children to take the assembling together of the saints lightly.  As your children grow older, and eventually leave home, being in church will be one of the most powerful influences to keep them on fire for God and for Jesus.  If you treat church as an inviolable part of your calendar, your children will develop the same character.

6.  People who don’t monitor their children’s TV watching and internet usage.  They did a survey a number of years ago and found out that the children in Christian homes who grow up into adults who are still walking with the Lord are those who didn’t have a TV or internet connection in their bedroom.  Those who did, were not.  The correlation was almost perfect, in other words – get that TV out of their room, and get a decent Net Nanny service.

5.  People who turn up on time for work, for dates, for the cinema, for weddings, for funerals, for job interviews, for a train journey, for an aeroplane journey, for dinner, for the theatre, for a restaurant booking, for school, for college, for the PTA meeting; but still manage to walk in late to church every week as if somehow the journey to church and the things they have to do to get ready catches them by surprise.  I think it surprises some people to realize that we craft the 2 hour service as a unit, the opening, the declarations, the worship all lead into the preaching and the whole service is crafted to lift you and your mind to transform your life.

4. People who scream and shout and dance like crazy at their team kicking a ball in the goal, but when it comes to worshipping God stand like they have an ironing board stuck down the back of their shirt.  Let’s give God some glory – let’s kneel, dance, shout, stand, lift our hands, clap, stamp and make some noise!

3. People who know 100 bad jokes for every occasion, have memorized all the player’s stats for the season, but have never learned a single Bible verse.  Not knowing a Bible verse means going out into a combat without your sword guys.  Get some Word in your head!

2. People who will drive 5 hours to go to a conference to hear the latest cool guest speaker but who think 40 minutes is too far to go to a decent local church.  I know which one will help you more in the long run, and it’s not the latest cool guest speaker.

  1. People who don’t write down their goals.  You go from 30% likely to achieve your goals to 71% likely just by *writing them down*.  We need to move forward – write your goals down and start to dream big.

Heal the Nations 2015


Heal the Nations SQUARE MAP

This is the most important conference we as a church have ever put on.  I say that without any sense of exaggeration or hype.  We have gathered our own leaders and preachers and pastors and evangelists.  There are church networks ten-twenty-one hundred times the size of ours who could not gather such a gifted and powerful team of preachers.  You are going to be fed so well in the next 4 days it’s unreal.

We kick off on Wednesday 12th August (that’s tomorrow) at 7.30pm at Kingsley Hall, Parsloes Ave, Dagenham.  There is parking in the place, but not much, but parking in all the surrounding streets is free.

I am bringing a message that is going to help you get out of second gear and into sixth gear in terms of believing God for your destiny and the things He has in store for you.  I don’t think you will ever be the same again.  This message has been bursting inside me for several months and it is going to explode.

Then Thursday and Friday we have sessions at 10am, 3pm and 7.30pm.  Then on Saturday we have sessions at 10am and 3pm.

If you need any more information, please email  You won’t regret it.  This is the greatest gathering of grace preachers that has ever happened in the United Kingdom.


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