PURPOSE OF PRAYER – Dr. Myles Munroe (part 1 of 6)

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17 thoughts on “PURPOSE OF PRAYER – Dr. Myles Munroe (part 1 of 6)”

  1. I with due respect request a free book called PRAYER by Dr. Myles Menroe, if possible please send it by post. It really makes me a better person and hope to change peoples life with that book.
    Mr. K.S.Kgampe
    68 Louisa Street
    Cell: 0837283295

  2. I , Augustine Reginald Maelifaka of Auki,Malaita,Solomon Islands, would like a free copy of a Book called ” The Purpose of Prayer by Dr.Myles Munroe.
    I have no interest going to church until i came across an article on Prayer by Dr.Myles by a friend.

  3. i am in zimbabwe and am very much inspired by Dr Myles’s teachings. where and how can i get these teachings and books

  4. I am Philip Kwato’o from the Solomon Islands. I have watched few of Dr. Myles Munroe teachings and they inspired me very much. Not only that but they also change the way i used to look up the Bible. I just want to know how i can get the set Myles books and teachings, because i believe my country needs these teachings.

  5. hi.am victor in Kenya.thank you for your work.God bless you.could you kindly send me a book by myles munroe on the purpose and power of prayer.be blessed.my adreess is 6778-00100,Nairobi

  6. I , Mulemwa Lioko of Republic of Zambia, would like a free copy of a Book called ” The Purpose of Prayer by Dr.Myles Munroe.
    I have interest going to church but I never more information on Prayer by Dr.Myles.

  7. One of the things we have lost on earth is our authority the discretion to do what is right,instead of compromising in knows this is not the right thing to do but still do it.

  8. Greeting in the name of the lord, Hi Dr. Munroe ,the reason I ‘m writting you is because I am in great need of prayer. I need you to Stand the gap for my son CHRISTOPHER someone gave my son a bad drug and he has not been right ever since ,But I know a God That never sleep. would you keep him in prayer also my daughters Lekita, an April , MY 2 GRANDBABIES ALONNA ,ELISEYIA LAST but not least my husband I pray that God heal him an also save my entire family.DR. MUNROE KEEP ME IN YOUR PRAYER God HAS CALLED ME TO EVANGELISTIC MINISTRY ,I AM WAITING ON MY LAY MINISTRY LIC. PLEASE KEEP ME LIFTED BEFORE THE LORD.

  9. i am in tanzania. since i started to listen your words for real they make me to get changes in my life. now on i started to knowpower of prayer and secret succsess. god bles you dr munroe pray for me to understand and to get changes.

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