Joyce Meyer Interviewing Bob Yandian on the Power of the Word of God

Bob Yandian is one of the clearest and most dynamic preachers in the church. This episode will bless you and inspire you to live in the Word!

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10 thoughts on “Joyce Meyer Interviewing Bob Yandian on the Power of the Word of God”

  1. The problem I have with preachers especially in america is that thats just about all they do, PREACH.

    I see no mind boggling miracles, no great moves, and no power in action or actions and as for the word, when preached, it is never followed up with any ACTS that tell me Jesus is present with these preachers.

    Words we can use and quote and verify for any purpose we need BUT IF jESUS WERE PRESENT WE WOULD ALL BE ON OUR KNEES AT THE POWER OF HISMIGNIFICENCE.





    The word only takes you so far the actions a little further the rapture takes you to revelations and when your done with the bible the father takes you up into his heart and you never ever want for anything else again.

    To only require the word limits the great and beautifull Father in his actions.

  2. Dear Anthea,

    Thanks for making such a passionate post on our blog. I am not an American, in fact I have never been to America. I am planting a church in the east end of London. If you are not seeing miracles or great moves, then I suggest you are in the wrong place. We have in the last few months seen healings and miracles and seen the start of a great move. I also know that Bob Yandian has seen some mighty miracles in his church in Tulsa. Maybe you are judging someone on the basis of your experience of someone else, which is not too sensible.

    The fact is that the Bible is very clear: the Word of God is a lamp unto our path (Psalm 119.105).

    Romans 10.17 tells us that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Galatians 3 tells us that miracles happen in our midst in response to faith. If you combine these two verses then you realize that miracles happen in our midst in proportion to our hearing of the Word.

    I love your desire to see genuine miracles and genuine healings, I wish the whole church had that passion for the gifts of the Spirit that we are commanded to have (1 Cor. 14.1). However, you are wrong to separate the talking from the acts.

    Jesus did a lot of talking – it is incorrect and not Scriptural to state otherwise. Matthew 5-7 are three chapters simply of Jesus talking, as is Matthew 13 and Matthew 24-25. Mark 4.24 tells us he preached the gospel, taught the kingdom and healed the sick. This means he talked a lot: he didn’t just go round healing the sick but he preached and he taught. Read Luke 4 and realize that Jesus was a preacher.

    If you look at this link you can read an article from our church website on the necessity of hearing before healing. We all want to see mighty healings, but to see them we need to do it the Jesus way. Jesus was a preacher of the Word and a teacher of the Word and that is why he saw so many healings. Mark 16 tells us the signs and wonders confirmed the preaching of the Word.

    To only require the word means accepting that to work with the great and beautiful Father in His actions means that you trust Him enough to work with Him the way He promised He would work with us.


  3. The response you give is within the limitations of man only when you have reached the divine you will then know what a miracle really is, then you will truly know the word in all its power not just in the power of the human mind or its so called understanding

  4. A church is merely a building made of bricks and mortar a heart can be the same unless he has the authoirty in it and over it and that takes more than the word to achieve.

    dont limit yourself to the bible

    I didn’t and the new wine has never stopped flowing

  5. When I hear a comment “don’t limit yourself to the bible” I get really concerned. If you read my post Benjamin is a Ravenous Wolf, you will see that I am dedicated to being limited to the Bible. Peter saw the glory of the risen Lord, met Elijah and Moses, and yet said very clearly: we have a more sure word of prophecy.

    The Word is our faith is produced and without faith you cannot please God. If you go flying off from the Word, there is no guarantee where you will go flying to. If you do not base your life and your doctrine on the living Word of God, and study the Word to show yourself approved, then there is a real danger that you will not succeed in the victorious Christian life.


  6. Jesus was the living word: What does that mean exactly that every word he said brought life, literally he spoke life he eminated life and he delivered man from the spirit (s) that stole life. THE LIVING WORD.

    When you read the word you read of him,his deeds, his great love for us and his determination to rid us of anything that weighs us down, his hope for and of us and thats a beautifull thing, but for me it wasn’t enough, I wanted to be at one with him so that I would really know him and I would be able to gift in and of him knowing that I had been there with him. He honoured my request and it hurt beyond words when I took on his love and laid down mine. He weeps deeply for us all and never ever when in his hope and love will you ever hurt another being for when we do his tears are those that weep, his heart is that which dies a little, and he longs to enfold us and wrap his heart around us so that he is the compforter and we the compforted. When you are taken up into his love and heart then you are in that place that he dwells and no other place in enough to satisfy from thence on. I know from my experience with him how beautifull he is, but I had to go through the word to get to his heart and the price I paid was worth the love I now walk in, with him. For me to speak of anything I always say that unless you have been there you can never appreciate anothers grief or pain or agony and so he actually took me at my word and showed me his pain and agony and thats why Ilaid down my life to take on his.

    Peace be with you Ben to know him personally is to know.

    If anything I am a Pilgrim on a journey yet further into his great heart of love.

  7. Interpreter,

    I have no problems with spiritual experiences if they come from and are rooted in and grow from the Word of the living God.

    It is noble to test all things, including our feelings and experiences. If they differ with the Word of God, we never change the Word – we change what we experience and feel.

    I will continue to pray for you Ephesian 1.16-23.

    Blessings and love,

  8. Your blessings and love are welcome ben thank you.

    When you next seek the word remember the one who spoke them.



    The East End needs hope not pity. Pity is stagnant and will never move the mountain of wants and needs that we all have in our hearts.

    To you the word is your guide

    To me he is the guide

    Faith came at a price for me but one, now that I have an intimacy with him, I gladly have paid.

    We both laid down our life for each other me for him and him for me.

    Nice talking to you Ben.

  9. It was lovely talking to you to Athena.

    I agree that without Love we are nothing and we gain nothing. Love is the key that sets every captive free, because our faith works by love alone.

    I find it interesting that you distinguish between being guided by the Word and being guided by Jesus. Jesus is the Word. If you follow and meditate on the written Word, you are following Jesus. If you ignore the written Word, you ignore Jesus.

    Remember Peter said that the written Word of God was more sure than seeing the glory. Every experience must be subject to the Scripture.


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