Life Lessons From Road Runner #3: Keep on Running

One of the more common scenes in a Road Runner cartoon is when Wile E Coyote decides to trick the Road Runner into running into a boulder by painting a picture of a tunnel on the boulder.

The plan is that Road Runner will run into the boulder and knock himself out.

However, Road Runner – defying every single law of physics and nature – runs right into the picture of the tunnel and off into the distance. When Wile E Coyote then decides to chase Road Runner he splats himself into the boulder.

The application for our lives is simple: the devil often tries to trap us by painting a scenario that we want for our lives.

He may promote the idea of a promotion or a healing of our body. He may paint the picture of us moving forward in our destiny.

But then he puts this picture on a boulder. Something that stops us dead. He paints a picture of your healing but then the doctor says that you will die in 6 months. He paints a picture of your prosperity as the mortgage is another month in arrears. He paints a picture of you walking in love and holiness as you commit the same sin you vowed to be free from again.

The devil’s motive in this is to bring us to despair. For us to have deferred our hope in God’s plan which according to Proverbs will make the heart sick. Do this several times and the devil will knock hope and love out of our thinking and pick us off as if we had just run into a big boulder.

However, the solution is not to try and swerve or change course. The solution is to keep running. Keep working towards your vision, keep your faith, keep your love, keep running the race of Christianity.

There is nothing that can stop you: not even the laws of physics and nature. Just as surely as Jesus walked through walls to reach His disciples, you can walk through sickness into complete health, you can walk through poverty into complete wealth, you can walk through depression into joy and love, you can walk through the sin that binds you and walk into a holy and pure life of peace and love.

Beep! Beep!

Keep on running!


Published by Tree of Life Church

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