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Word of Encouragement for Healing


Morning all,

I want whoever is reading this to know: you don’t have to twist God’s arm into healing you. God loves you more than you love yourself and love means love. God is good – He is better than you, and good means good.

I read a comic strip in a newspaper once, with three panels. In the first panel Dennis the Menace was walking down the road with a plate loaded with cookies. His friend is looking at the triumphant Dennis quizzically and says “I don’t get it Dennis, what good thing did we do that Mrs Wilson baked us all these cookies?”

In the second panel, Dennis looks at his friend and says “You don’t get it at all.”

In the third panel Dennis says “Mrs Wilson doesn’t bake us cookies because we’re good, she bakes us cookies because she’s good.”

Do you realize that this comic strip contains one of the deepest theological truths you will ever learn: God is not about to heal you because you’re good – He is going to heal you because He is good.

In fact, He has already paid the most awesome price for your healing: the stripes of Jesus. Every time the whip ripped into the flesh of Jesus and blood splatted everywhere, healing power was released into the planet. That power is received now by faith. Believe in His goodness, Believe in His love for you, and receive it right now.

God is good, His love endures forever.

About treeoflifelondon

Tree of Life Church is a dynamic new church recently planted in London. We have branches in Dagenham, Guildford and Watford. Pastor Ben is a Christian who preaches the Word with integrity and anointing. He loves seeing Christians released into ministering into signs and wonders, perfect peace and being able to walk in their destiny.

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