Romans 1.3

Concerning his Son Jesus Christ our Lord, which was made of the seed of David according to the flesh;

The next wonderful thing Paul tells us about the gospel is that it is always about Jesus Christ, God’s Son. You cannot preach good news without it being totally centred on the person of Jesus Christ.

Some people take the principles of God – because God is a God of order He works by principles – and they teach you how to work them without the person of Jesus Christ.

This happens in the world, for example “The Secret” is simply the divine principle of what a man thinks in His heart, so is He; but completely divorced from the person of Christ. A Christian shouldn’t be reading the Secret because it is wrong, but because they should already know the principles from the Word of God – we don’t need the world to confirm the Word thank you!

But it happens in the church as well – messages that are 7 steps to healing. Healing isn’t a step – it is knowing the Healer. Prosperity isn’t a step – it is knowing the Prosperer.

There are principles, and there are Christians who are intimate with Jesus who don’t know the principles. The principles bring the prosperity and the power of God, but the person of God brings the presence of God.

We all know those elderly saints who bring the presence of God into the room, but they are as broke as a beggar and have ailment after ailment. Presence without power because they know Him but don’t know His Word.

However, we are in danger of a far worse condition: knowing the principles, working the power, and forgetting about Him in the middle of it.

In the midst of the Azusa Street revival, Frank Bartleman – a powerful apostle from the most influential revival ever to impact the world – said the greatest danger for the Pentecostal is to have a spiritual ministry that is not focussed on the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Ensure that everything you do, every increase you have is concerning the Lord Jesus Christ.

Glory and freedom,


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