Romans 1.7

To all that be in Rome, beloved of God, called to be saints: Grace to you and peace from God our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Paul is the classic preacher – he takes 7 verses to actually get to his introduction. As we have seen, the first 6 verses are packed with revelation and information.

And even Paul’s introduction is packed with revelation.

Do you see where it says “called to be saints”, in the King James Bible that the to be is in italics. This means that it is not in the original Greek: Romans 1.7 says that you are called a saint.

“Called” is the Greek word kletos which literally means “invited to a banquet with the king by the king”. You are invited to a royal dinner – to dine at the king’s table by the living God.

And this is not just any royal dinner: this is a royal dinner for saints. The Greek word for saints is hagios, which means the most holy something can be. You are the most holy place.

In the Old Testament, the presence of God dwelled in the most holy place. Most people realize that the Most Holy Place (the Holy of Holies) was called that because of the presence of God. They realize that God did not look at all the tents in Israel and go: oh, that one is the Holy of Holies that is where I shall live. No – God dwelt there so it was called the Most Holy Place.

Let me say it like this: God didn’t live there because it was holy, it was holy because God lived there.

God does not live inside you because you are holy – you are holy because God lives inside you. In the New Testament you are the most Holy Place, you are the Holy of Holies, you are the temple of God (1 Cor. 6.19). You are called to a royal banquet because you are holy. In fact you are the most Holy. You are where God lives. Now act like it! Now enjoy it! Now love it.

So many Christians are striving to be something they already are! Just relax – God lives in you and you are holy.

The Bible says to be holy as He is holy (1 Peter 1.21). How is God holy? Do you think God gets up every morning and spends time dedicating Himself to holiness and to being good and do you think God does the right thing through gritted teeth or do you think being holy comes naturally to God?

That is how you should be holy – aware that you are holy and just flowing in what you are.

Paul then, after pointing out that we are the most precious thing to God on the planet (holy simply means precious to God, and you are most holy) – then tells us grace and peace to us.

That is an apostolic impartation of grace and peace. Grace is the power of God to work everything positive in your life – health and wealth, joy, love, right relationships, success at work. Receive it now – it is yours. You deserve it – not based on your merit but based on the merit of Christ.

Peace means according to Strong’s: harmony, security, safety, prosperity, felicity. That is yours because of what Christ has done for you. Receive it now – an apostolic impartation of harmony, of security, safety, prosperity and felicity (felicity means great happiness). You do not have to do anything to earn it, because Jesus Christ purchased it for you – all you have to do is believe it is for you and receive it from the living God.

Today is going to be the most secure, most safe, most prosperous and most happy day of your life! Grace and peace to you from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ!

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