The Quiet Blog

I know that this blog has been quiet in the last few months.  I also know from the stats that hundreds of people are reading it, so what is here is clearly benefiting and blessing people.

So why have I neglected this blog for so long?  Three main reasons.  Firstly, I have been very busy in real life.  The church is now 25+ people who attend regularly so that takes time to build relationships and encourage people.    In addition, I have been working long hours at a (rather dull) secular job to ensure I have the money to do all that I need to do.  Also, the radio ministry is taking more of my time as well.  I am amazed how full time bloggers do what they do and do it so well.

Secondly, I have been on twitter a lot.  (!/holytwiglets).   I am still learning about how twitter works and what kind of online identity I need to fashion there.

Thirdly, I have been focusing so much on preaching on the Sunday and crafting messages that can help and build up the church.

So, this lack of focus and other activities have caused this blog to be neglected.  However, I sincerely believe that God has plans for this blog.  What exactly I don’t know.  In the first couple of months of 2011, the Lord has promised me everything will change.  Having a lively, well-maintained blog – and the time to maintain it – is part of those changes.

So please bear with us.  Please be patient.  And when  you read a post you like make a comment.  I only censor comments that contain rude language.

Glory and freedom,


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One thought on “The Quiet Blog

  1. This message is for Will Sweeney. Iam sending him a message this way because I don’t know how to get in touch with him. Please let him know that he has a posting. Will, I am so happy for you. I know that you have truely been blessed through this ministry. Keep up the great words of our Lord and you will be happier than even you could emagine. Dan’s number is 1-937-726-1286. It was so good to hear from you, please stay in touch, Love,Kathy

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