Riots in London

Here is the e-mail I sent out to our church and to our ministry friends and partners this morning.  The confessions and proclamations I mention are on the front page of our website as a PDF (

Dear Friend,

It is our belief that the words we speak over London every Sunday work.  Jesus says that the words we say have power to move mountains.
Even in the light of the riots, we believe that the damage could have been far worse and we believe our prayers and confessions have helped in some measure prevent further tragedy and harm.  So far, there have been no deaths and the rioters have failed to break into a number of shops.  But make no mistake, there is a crisis occurring in our city and as a church we need to pray and act to bring light to the darkness, life to the hurting and peace to the confused.
There are questions that people need answers to regarding Mark Duggan’s death and we need to pray the truth is revealed in a way that helps bring peace to the streets.  The words I spoke on Sunday about “lost sheep” seem to be highly in focus now considering what has happened across the city.
I have emailed you a copy of the confessions that we speak over London every Sunday morning.  We would encourage you to take the time on your own to make these declarations – perhaps on a daily basis.  God’s Word works and speaking God’s Word changes things!  The riots that have occurred are not a sign of God’s judgement to London and they are NOT GOD’S WILL.  Anything that includes theft, destruction and injury has revealed its source (see John 10.10).  God wants peace in the city and prosperity in the city.   Destruction of other’s property according to Scripture is the hallmark of a fool.
As you are making declarations over London, please remember to pray for people whose businesses have been affected, pray for wisdom for the police and for the politicians across London at this time (1 Tim. 2.1-8)
If you are near the rioting and your home or business is affected, please remember Psalm 91 – God is Your fortress.  Meditate on Psalm 91 and confess it over yourself.  God is on your side.
If you need prayer or just someone to talk to, please give us a call on 07828 985400 or reply to this email.
Glory and freedom,

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