God wants to amplify your voice. He wants your voice to be louder in the world than the voice of the world, the voice of the devil and the voices of doubt, unbelief and defeat and despair.

In your business place, He wants to promote you! He designed you to be the head and not the tail. He designed you to make decisions not have them made for you. He wants you to have the wisdom to save the city, to transform your home, your family, your place of work, your place of education. He wants you to be like Daniel – ten times as wise as your colleagues. He wants you to be like Joseph – favoured and prosperous wherever you end up.

You need a larger vision. The more you see on the inside, the more you will see on the outside. The better you see the invisible, the more stuff you will have that is visible.

God wants you to succeed. Totally healthy, out of debt, money in the savings account. An inheritance for your children and your children’s children! Full of life, speaking truth, healing the sick, changing lives, being everything God wants you to be.

Jesus Christ took all your sin, shame and sickness into Himself on the cross. So live sin free, shame free, sickness free – enjoy an abundant successful and happy life! It’s yours – the price has been paid!

Published by Tree of Life Church

We are a growing network of growing churches, with services weekly in Dagenham, Guildford, Watford, Croydon, Brentwood and Dorset. We are also planting churches in Cambridge, Suffolk, West Midlands and Hemel. Find out more at, and

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