Meep Meep!

Perhaps you remember the old cartoons like Tom and Jerry, Pepe Le Peu and Tweety Pie. My favourite cartoon as a child was Road Runner. No matter what the coyote did, you always knew it was going to backfire and make an awful mess.

In one of my favourite episodes, Wile E. Coyote paints a mural of a road on a stone cliff face, making it look like the road is going into the cliff face. His plan is to deceive the Road Runner to running into the cliff face and hurting himself.

However the Road Runner, breaking all the laws of physics and reality, runs right into the picture and keeps going. As he gives chase, the coyote crashes straight into the picture.

As Christians the devil is always out to get us. Peter tells us he is like a roaring lion – not as a roaring lion, but LIKE one. The devil is not a roaring lion – Jesus is the Lion of Judah, the devil is just a cheap, beaten copy. But the point is that the devil is looking for prey. And the way he finds prey is through silly tricks.

Sometimes the devil paints a picture to try and distract us and to try and stop us ending up where God wants us to be.
But the Good News is this: you are a child of God. You have God’s favour and love on you. If you believe God, you can run right through the trap even if it breaks the laws of physics.

Moses was trapped with the largest army in the world on one side, and a massive sea on the other. That’s ok when you know God – He is the expert at making a way where it is impossible to make a way.

Whatever you are facing today, however it looks, remember God is capable of making a way where it is impossible to make a way, and He will make a way for you.

Published by Tree of Life Church

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