Envy – the Carbon Monoxide of the Soul

Carbon Monoxide is called the “silent killer”.  It has no taste, no smell, no colour.  If inhaled it stops your body bonding with oxygen – it stops you breathing from the inside!

In your thought life, there is another silent killer.  It infects you from the inside out and stops you living the abundant life that God has created for you.  It’s called envy.

James 3.16 tells us that:

For where envy and self-seeking exist, confusion and every evil thing are there.

Consider that carefully – where there is envy, confusion and every evil thing are.  Envy brings confusion and every evil thing into your life.

The first symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are dizziness, vomiting and confusion.  The confusion isn’t caused by the carbon monoxide, but by the fact that it prevents you getting the oxygen you need.

Envy doesn’t attract every evil thing into your life by itself, but because envy stops you from seeing and grasping how much God loves you, how much you are loved and looked after, and from realizing the riches of your inheritance.

Envious thoughts are essentially negative thoughts about other people’s success.  When someone else gets a new car, new house, new handbag, a new ministry, a new spouse… you want what they have.  You are now immediately heading for a negative thought.  You are thinking about how come they are blessed, how come they have that.  You are taking your eyes away from your blessings, from gratitude and from faith.

Faith and thanksgiving are the oxygen for Christians.  That’s what we need to breathe in our emotions, our thoughts, our life so we can soar, so we can do everything God called us to do.

Envy takes your eyes off the fact that God loves you, that God is for you, that God has a unique plan for you that He is working through with you.

Deal with envy.  It’s a silent killer.  It’s stopped many, many, many people from walking in the abundance God has for you.

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Tree of Life Church

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