Home Church (Christopher Alam)

This post is a guest post from international evangelist Christopher Alam.  He is one of my heroes, one of the steadiest, most balanced and wisest men I have ever met.  It was our honour to have him preach at the Tree of Life in Dagenham this year.

Here, he shares one of the secrets to a Christian life, a sadly neglected secret – faithfulness to local church.

My wife Britta and I have been married for 35 years. We have lived in several different cities during these years. With every move we have made, the first thing that we always made sure of was that there was a good church there for us, and that we always chose a house that was close to the church.

Having a home church and living close to it have always been priorities to us. Wherever we have lived, we have always been involved in the life of our home church. With my travels and preaching schedule I am gone a lot but I always make sure that I attend services at my home church whenever I am home. My wife and children are faithful in their attendance. We give our tithes and our offerings, and we are submitted to our Pastor and receive his input, advice and prayers. We are not “church hoppers” who change churches because we get easily offended by people or are moved by the latest Charismatic fads and trends that come through town. Here in Lancaster we have been members of the same church for 21 years, ever since we moved here from Sweden. I know that there are a few people there who do not really like me, my style of ministry, or even some of my views on other things, but that does not faze me. That is their problem and not mine. God put us here and this is our spiritual home and we are not leaving because of them. There are many times more there who love us and believe in us than those that don’t!

I would recommend that everybody have this attitude. Plant yourself in a local congregation and be faithful to your home church. Participate in and be a part of the life of the church. Stay faithful there. Bring your tithes and offerings. Develop relationships there. It will bring big dividends and blessings into your life. It will also bring stability and lay strong foundations in the life of your family and in the lives of your children.

Published by Tree of Life Church

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