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10 Tough Truths About Money


I make no apologies for everything in this list being challenging.  You need to be challenged about how you handle money, or you will never walk in your dreams.  It’s that simple.

  1. If you are not saving, you hate your future self.
  2. If you don’t tithe, you don’t believe God is good.  Deep down you don’t really know the goodness of God and trust Him.
  3. If you hate the word tithe, you hate the word prosperity.
  4. If you are not giving to where you are being fed the Word, you are not acting with honour.  You cannot succeed long term in life without acting in honour.
  5. If you do not work, you should not eat.
  6. If you don’t provide for your own family, you are worse than an unbeliever.
  7. If you don’t copy Abraham in tithing, you don’t really believe you have the blessing of Abraham, no matter how many thousands of times you declare it.  If you cannot believe God to increase your 90% more than your 100%, then you CANNOT and WILL NOT ever be able to believe for double your current income.
  8. 90% of people below the poverty line in the UK have A) not finished full time education, B) had children while still teenagers or C) gone through a divorce.  Simple Biblical, sexual ethics makes you wealthier, it’s that simple.
  9. If you haven’t got 3 months’ money in savings, you shouldn’t be getting married yet.
  10. If you spend it as soon as you get it, you will never be able to spend big. And that means you are really missing out!

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Tree of Life Church is a dynamic new church recently planted in London. We have branches in Dagenham, Guildford and Watford. Pastor Ben is a Christian who preaches the Word with integrity and anointing. He loves seeing Christians released into ministering into signs and wonders, perfect peace and being able to walk in their destiny.

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