10 Reasons I Am Grateful for my trip to America

Bit personal this time, but I guess most people reading this blog are interested in my personal journey…

10.  I got to hear Andrew Wommack share his views on why universalism and preterism are wrong, and it was exceptionally powerful.  These ideas are making massive inroads in the UK and messing up churches, and it is so good to hear they are being countered and addressed.

9. Bonnie Duell is the best host in the world and made us feel so welcome at her house.  What a wonderful lady.  Just a pleasure and honour to have spent time with her.

8. I got to hear about future plans for AWME and the Charis colleges in the UK, and I have never been so excited about Charis as I am now.

7. I finally signed up for the Continuing Education for Ministers.  I will complete that in record time, and that’s going to help me a lot.

6. Have organised some great ministers to come to Tree of Life in the next while.  Just awesome.  Watch this space, but trust me, it is going to be wild.

5. Got to meet Pastor Bryan Lee and do some street work with him.  He is such a gifted evangelist and it was a joy to meet him.

4. Loved ministering at both Mountain High Church in Conifer and Faith Ministries in Kansas City.  FMIN is such a great network to be a part of, and Ed and Mona, and Dennis and Denise are just wonderful people.  Saw people healed in each service, and saw lives changed in each service.  It was a great time to share the Word.

3.  Amanda and I were given a very powerful prophetic Word by Bob Nichols, one of the greatest pastors.  Just beautiful.

2.  Just meeting so many awesome and wonderful people was such a joy.  If I start naming people, I will miss people out but the fellowship this year has been really really special, encouraging, dream building, character building and inspirational.

1. It was great to spend some time with Amanda.  Sometimes we are racing all over the place extending the kingdom, it was nice to spend time together and just relax 💘

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2 thoughts on “10 Reasons I Am Grateful for my trip to America

  1. I am so pleased and blessed to see you two having such a good time off, I know you are coming back fired up to lead us to our future.  Looking forward to seeing you.  Love you loads.

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