The Law of Genesis

You will never be a success until you understand that the universe is held together and created with inviolable laws or principles that cannot be violated.

An example in the natural realm that science can study and measure is what is commonly called the law of gravity.  Now when the word “law” is used here, it doesn’t mean that if you break gravity the police will arrest you.  It just means that gravity works universally and is absolutely no respecter of persons.  A man jumping off a building to end it all because his heart is broken and an infant tripping and falling off the same building both die because both are subject to the law of gravity.  Because it is a law it treats everyone the same, has no mercy, has no grace but always works the same.

The only reason you can fly is if you find another law which supersedes the law of gravity  – the law of thrust and lift or the law of aerodynamics.

Learning the inviolable laws of the realms of the spirit and soul are essential to life success, and the single most important law is what I like to call the law of Genesis because it is right there as soon as you open the Bible.  Now, many people do not know the Bible has two purposes.  Firstly, it is to reveal the person of Jesus Christ so you can know Him.  You should know Him – He is the best friend you have could ever have, He never lets you go, never judges you, never lets you down, never messes you about.

Jesus is pure grace and pure love.  You can know Him through the Bible as it reveals Him and His love for us.  It tells us how we can know Him through believing in Him and His crucifixion and resurrection.

Secondly though, the Bible reveals the principles of Jesus.  Jesus Christ created the universe (John 1.1-3) before He became human and dwelt among us.  And He created the universe through principles and if you learn these principles you will always prosper and have success in this life (Joshua 1.6-8).

I have met many people who know the person of Jesus but don’t know the principles.  If you move in Christian circles, you probably have met the old dear who when you walk in her house, it’s like the presence of the Lord is in that house like a cloud of love and grace.  Talking to her is like talking to Jesus, she is so encouraging, so kind – she knows the person of Jesus and His love flows through her.  But she is living hand-to-mouth, eating store brand products and hasn’t been on holiday for years.  She is taking fifteen different tablets a day.  She clearly does not know the principles of Jesus.

On the other hand, you have probably met the salesman who is staring at his reflection in the mirror everyday visualizing and declaring that today he is a champion, today he will break records, today he will make millions.

He doesn’t have a clue that what he is doing comes straight from the Bible (Mark 11.23-24, Proverbs 23.7, Genesis 1.3) and is actually utilizing the principles hard-wired into the cosmos by God Himself.  He knows the principles of Jesus, but he doesn’t have a clue who the person of Jesus is.

He might not even believe there ever was a person of Jesus, or even a God. But he is working the principles.  He could easily be a jerk, and easily be struggling in his personal relationships because he doesn’t know the person of Jesus.  But he will make his millions because the principles are like the law of gravity – they don’t have favourites, they don’t play character, they don’t care who you are.

So in Genesis you find out that in the darkness, God said “Let there be light” and there was light (Genesis 1.3).  This principle is described ten times in Genesis 1 alone!  This is the law of genesis.  It covers a number of principles that underlie how the universe works.

Firstly, if you want something you have to see it on the inside before you ever see it on the outside. This is key to achieving in life.  Many Christians avoid this truth saying it is New Agey or because they think that being holy and being a poor and sick failure are synonymous.  Nothing could be further from the truth, Jesus came to bring life and life in abundance (John 10.10).  We receive life when we believe in the person of Jesus and He pours His life and goodness into us.  That’s a life changing event and that is something very special.  But we receive life in abundance when we learn from Him and His Word the principles and we put them to use in our lives.

You have to see it on the inside before you see it on the outside.  You have to dream big before you can live big.  This is how God created the universe.  He saw the light on the inside before there was light on the outside.  Your imagination is so important it is impossible to overestimate its value.

Hebrews 11.1 says faith is the substance of things hoped for.  The word hoped here means “imagined”.  Faith gives life and substance to your imagination.  If you don’t imagine it, you cannot believe it.  You have to use your imagination to imagine an abundant life for yourself.  This is the teaching of Jesus, not the teaching of some New Age guru.  If they are teaching this it is because they have discovered a principle, a law, that only works because Jesus hardwired it into the universe.

Then, the second part of the law of Genesis is that to have it manifest in your life – to see it on the outside, you have to say it.  Words are absolutely vital to achieving your life in abundance, to seeing miracles happen in this life.  What you say matters.  You are trapped by the Word of your mouth (Proverbs 6.20) and if you speak to the mountain in your life you can move it (Mark 11.23-24).

So any darkness you find yourself in, you can pray and you can fast, and you can go to church.  That’s all awesome, and I think you should do all those things.  But the darkness does not leave until you think light and speak light.

Abraham did it like this – he saw himself childless and stayed childless (Genesis 15.2).  Then God taught Him to go out and count the stars in heaven and imagine each star as one of his children.  Then, at the age of 100 and his wife being 90, she got pregnant.  This is a triple miracle: firstly, a 90 year old cannot get pregnant to a 100 year old.  Secondly, they couldn’t get pregnant anyway – they had been trying for 80 years.  Thirdly, without being indelicate, it takes a miracle for a 100 year old man to actually do the thing that gets his wife pregnant.  How was this miracle achieved – through knowing God?  No, Abraham knew God and was God’s friend for decades before this.  He knew the person of Jesus.

But when Abraham stopped seeing himself childless and started seeing himself as a father of nations, and started speaking that he was a father of many nations, he against his imagination, in his imagination believed God (Romans 4.18).  In other words, his imagination – his image-inator stopped producing the image of childlessness – and produced the image of father.  When this happened, Sarah was with child.

You can use these principles in your life too.  You can receive healing if you see it and say it you can have it.  You can be out of debt – if you can see it and say it you can have it.

Sometimes when I teach on the principles, I am told – don’t neglect the person of Jesus.  I understand that – if I had to choose between the person and the principles, I would choose the person of Jesus every time.

I would rather die of cancer and go to be with Jesus, than live healthily without him.  I would rather live under a bridge with the person of Jesus than live in a mansion without Him.  I would rather be in hell with Jesus than in heaven without Him.

But here is the good news: we don’t have to choose.  We can all have the person and principles of Jesus; we can all have life AND life in abundance.

You can enjoy the love of Jesus and work the law of genesis in your life.


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