What I Would Do If I was in a Local Church (and not the pastor)

I say what *would* I do, but actually it is what I did do.  I had four children yet was never late, my eldest son was born Wednesday I was in church with my wife and him on the Sunday after.  I have always valued local church.  When I lived in Ipswich, the only Sunday I ever missed local church was the Sunday I was kidnapped.

In Wales, I used to work until 4am, walk home, get home 5am and still be in the 10am service.  I used to get my wife to dig me in the ribs if I fell asleep!

I love church.  If you love Jesus (the head), you must love the church (the body).  How could you love the head of someone and not the body?

So if I was in local church today, and not a pastor, here is what I would do:

  • I’d be there.  I’m not stupid – I know you can’t get fed once a month and have that sustain you.  I’d be in every service, every event, every conference my local church organized.  You would never wonder if I would be there, I would be there.  And ten minutes before any meeting started.  If I was on time, I would be late.  I would know I couldn’t come to church once a month or every other week and get the fellowship I need to keep warm to God.
  • I would realize that my number one role in the church would be that of a healthy Christian.  I would be planted in the church, I would not get offended at anything anyone said or did – you wouldn’t catch me being so thin skinned that singing the wrong song made me leave!  A student at university doesn’t study geography on day one, then physics, then medicine, then law.  They get in a programme and stick.  I would stick at my church.  I would know how important it was to be planted to be stable because I have read Psalm 92.12-13.
  • I would support my church financially.  I would tithe without even thinking.  I would see my giving as vital in spreading the good news and keeping the church that I benefit from so much going.  I would allow Jesus to be the Lord of my finances by giving into the local church.  I would give offerings at every service, and tithe every month.
  • I would make all my talents and gifts available to the local church.  I am very good with computers, I’d happily work on the church website.  I’d be available to help where needed.  I’d be an usher on a regular basis, and probably teach the children and youth too.  I’d do anything the leadership asked to be honest.
  • I would love my pastor (check out 1 Thess. 5.12-13) – I would know him and love him.  I would also pray for him on a daily basis (1 Thess. 5.25).  Seeing me walk into the room would make him happy!

I’ve been in several churches, and I have tried my hardest to be this person.  It’s how I would still do it today.


Published by Tree of Life Church

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