10 Simple Rules For Employers

10.  A great idea is to employ people from your local church.  You are boosting the church, showing loyalty and love, and helping the church in a practical way.  You are also (hopefully) getting an employee who knows Jesus and who wants to work in a Christ-honouring way and who shares your worldview.

9.  Never be afraid to fire anyone who is not performing adequately.  Even if they are from the same local church as you!

8.  Employ as few people as you can.  The less work people do the more disgruntled they become.  Better to have no employee than a disgruntled employee.

7. Employ people to do multiple task.  If I was employing an assistant pastor today, I would make them lecture at the Bible School, do school’s work, do admin, and so on and so forth. If you type everything into a computer, do you need a full-time secretary?  Can they have a second role as well.

6. Use machines rather than people if you can.  Machines don’t get tired, they don’t get in moods, they don’t need to be paid overtime, they don’t have maternity leave, they don’t resign with eighteen seconds notice.

5. Ensure they all know who is boss.  Develop a bit of knowledge in everything.  You don’t need to be a lawyer, but get enough knowledge to know what the lawyer is doing.  You don’t need to be a marketing expert, but get enough knowledge to know what the marketing guy is doing.

4. Put Everything in Writing.  Discussions are not a suitable basis for dealing with employees (even if they are in the same local church!)

3. Train your employees.  Education is the basis of successful employment.

2. Supervise your employees.  Have meetings with them, visit them, set targets and monitor them, and make it all serious.

1. Be generous.  Be kind to your staff, make sure they know you genuinely care for them.  If you don’t have a good salary to offer, people will work for more love and less money.  Re-assure the people you work with.

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