Flowing With God 01: The Source of Success

This Sunday we had a glorious time of worship as the Spirit led us in the service and it was something special.  I have been thinking about this for a long time, but I believe now is the time to put pen to paper (or type in the blog) about flowing with God.

You see I have become convinced in the last year or two that there is no success at all unless we learn to flow with God.  Let me say it like this: you will only succeed in life and in church to the degree you learn to flow with God.

The problem with flowing with God is that He is bigger than you, smarter than you, kinder than you, and wiser than you.  So it isn’t easy to predict what He wants to do.  You have to learn to be humble, to listen to him, to relinquish your ability to control everything around you.  In short, you have to trust Him.  For the last few weeks, I have not been in control of the services in Tree of Life Dagenham.  They haven’t been out of control, they have been in His control, and He has helped more people, healed more people, and inspired more people than I could ever have done if I kept control in my hands.

You can’t guess who God is going to use to minister to people.  You can’t guess which person is going to get healed in the service.  You can’t tell if God isn’t going to flow through the pastor’s son or through a virtual stranger.

You have to learn to flow with God.  If you flow with the move of God, you are actually moving with God and things will happen.  If you fight the flow, then you are fighting God – good luck with that one!

We need to lose our confidence in our ability and regain confidence in His ability.

We have to grow up.  We have to grow up in healings, in miracles, in manifestations of the Spirit.  We have to grow in our ability to flow with the Spirit.  In our small groups, in our big groups, in our prayer meetings, in preaching, in worship, at school,  at college, in work, everywhere we go.

So all of us need to learn to follow the Spirit.  I almost put this post in my leadership blog, but it’s not for “leaders”, it’s for all of us!  Learn to follow the Spirit.

Here are three things all of us can do to follow the Spirit.

  1. Minister healing to people
    1. The greatest key to healing I can tell you about is to follow the Spirit. In Bulgaria they brought me a boy blind in one eye.  As I prayed, nothing was happening.  He was not getting better.  I started to pray for wisdom and pray in tongues, I submitted to the Spirit.  Then suddenly, I saw the boy’s problem wasn’t in the eye but in the optic nerve.  I commanded healing to the nerve and suddenly the boy could see out of that eye.  In a prayer line, don’t start at one end and go down the line, ask the Spirit to lead you.  I have sent people back before because there is no leading to pray with them.
  2. Ministering the Holy Spirit
    1. Watch what God is doing!  If you see God is touching someone then go over and touch them.  Follow the Spirit.  This isn’t just for church services, we just had it yesterday in a families’ house.  They invited a bunch of people over from church and a bunch of people from their family.  As we interacted, God led us to minister to them.  People got saved, people got powerfully touched by the Spirit.  Why?  Because we have learned to follow the Spirit not try and lead Him!
  3. Growing the Church
    1. Follow the Spirit.  Where are things happening, where is the Spirit moving.  Learn to follow!

Let’s be like Jesus – I can only do what I see my Father doing.

I will help you flow with God more in the next few weeks.  Loads of love to all of you!

Why not ask questions on the blog?  I will try and answer them.

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