Your Children’s Children 02: Conception and Pregnancy

So last week we talked about the fact that there are people inside you, and that we need to make decisions in the light of this reality.  Today, I want to discuss the point of life beginning.

I want you to think about and consider the process in which life begins.  Conception, then pregnancy, then birth.  When a woman is pregnant, she believes that the baby is alive.  She doesn’t think one day I will have a baby – she has a baby.  She knows she has a baby.  The baby is alive inside her.  The mother is also aware that what she does, how she feels, what she eats will affect the baby even before it is born.

Now if mum goes to church while she is pregnant, the baby is going to church too.  That environment is shaping the baby. All our children love church, and have all been to church since before they were born!

When Jesus’ mum and John the Baptist’s mum met each other, their babies – inside the womb – reacted to each other!  That is amazing. And that proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that a baby still inside the womb has intelligence, has emotions, knows what is surrounding them.  Imagine if a pregnant mum went to Celebration Church every weekend, and Living Church once a week in the evenings.  Baby would have been in church 78 times before he or she was even born!  It would be born loving God and loving the things of God, loving the Word!

Don’t start missing church because you are pregnant – get to church, you are carrying life inside you!  Think like that and you are now thinking “children’s children”, you are now thinking like God.

The first person who becomes a Christian in any given family is like the loins of that whole family, and should impact the rest of their family.  If you were the first generation Christian, and you now have children of your own, you are actually starting your own lineage! You are breaking from the ungodly patterns of your parents and starting a new family line. That’s something very amazing. You have forged a new beginning for all who come from your loins.

My children are nothing like their grandparents who are not Christian.  They share blood with them, but Spirit is thicker than blood.  There has never been a Conway like me – I am a whole new beginning, a new loins of origin for a tribe that is going to change the world. There has never as far as I know been a Conway preacher, a Conway who prayed in tongues, who moved in the gifts, who loves God with all his heart, who was water baptized, who has pulled people out of wheelchairs. I am the first of a new breed. Amanda is the same, and we have become a new point of origin for a new line.

I’m not saying the old block was bad, just it wasn’t Christian. My parents did the best they knew how to do and loved me. But the truth is that in the light of eternity, we are now changing the world for Jesus in a way no one in my family tree has ever done before.  When Christ found me, He changed me and now the mold is broken forever.

Some of you don’t grasp what I have just said, and it is causing you more problems in your life than you can count. You have old family members who don’t realize you are a new creation, a new breed, a new lineage. They have totally different standards, principles and values, and the two do not mix – they are incompatible. You don’t see eye to eye anymore. You go to family gatherings and everyone is getting drunk and gossiping about who is sleeping with who, your children are well trained, you don’t suffer from sickness, you are so generous and invest in the kingdom – and there is a massive culture clash.  This is why – you are a new breed. It’s a spiritual thing, and you have to realize it or you will not understand what is going on around you.

I am a patriach, just like Abraham, and so are some of you reading this. God doesn’t see you all as seperate, God sees people inside people. Many of the people in Tree of Life are the first saved of their families, and their children will be second generation, and their children’s children will be something very special.  We have to think like this – it is how God thinks.

God has your children’s children in His mind. You should have too.

Imagine you are in a situation now, and you are being tempted to sin in a particular way. Your peers are pressing you to do something dumb – to take drugs, to have sex before marriage, to steal.

You turn around and say “I can’t do that.”

“Why not?”

“Because of my grandchildren”

“You ain’t even married, what is wrong with you!”

“I will be one day, and one day I will have grandchildren!”

“Don’t you love me? If you loved me you would have sex with me!”

“I am not going to sleep with you.  I am not going to have sex with you!”

“Why don’t you like me”

“I like you just fine, that’s not it”

“Are you frigid?  Don’t you want sex?”

“Yes, I want sex, and yes I am tempted, but I am thinking of my grandchildren”


“As far as God is concerned my children and my children’s children are already in my loins. They are not going to get a bad start in life so I can make a selfish decision.  Do you understand this?”

He might get it, he might not. But you need to win the battle for your loins!  You need to win this battle once and for all.  You need to develop this and get it.  You need to think of your children’s children.

Next week: Breaking the Cycle

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