Lies That Destroy Lives 02: God is in Control!!

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One of the biggest lies that anyone has ever told is this: “God is in control”. I am not sure if there is any bigger lie that has kept more people away from God than any other. People hear that God controls everything on the planet, and that God is all powerful and then they look at the evil in the world and they think if God controls that I want nothing to do with Him.

And they would be right. If God was like that I would want nothing to do with Him either. But it’s not the truth. The truth is that for thousands of years God has not been in control of this planet, and He is not in control now.

In Genesis 1 we find out that when God created man, He gave authority to Adam and Eve – to humanity. He created man to be in charge of the planet, and He gave them the planet. All the mess on planet earth, all the pain, all the evil, all the selfishness – it isn’t God, it was never God, it is humanity.

You want to see somewhere God is charge – look at Heaven. No tears, no pain, no rebellion, no rapes, no disasters, not even waves on the sea! God is more than capable of creating a place that is paradise with no suffering or pain.

And God created an Earth like that too. It was glorious, every part of it was good (Genesis 1.31). But then God gave the earth to man. It belongs to us, not Him, and He won’t take it back (at least not until the Second Coming). So we made the mess. We left God on the outside of the planet that He gave us the title deed to, and God won’t break the law to get it back.

So earth is gradually becoming more like hell on earth. Some people have lived through a hell on earth. But we are not without hope, we can listen to God, we can speak the Word of God, we can speak to mountains that in our way and they will move, they will get out of our way, and we – as the rightful owners of this planet – can align our hearts with God and speak words of victory that will still storms, multiply food, heal the sick and restore marriages.

But never ever blame God for the evil in this world. It wasn’t Him. It was us.

Published by Tree of Life Church

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