UKs Coming Revival 03: This Time It’s Personal

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I love brand new Christians. I mean they are a bit off the wall normally but I absolutely love them. When people get saved and then almost immediately get baptized in the Holy Spirit (which Bible-speaking is absolutely normal) they have a special kind of off the wall about them!

There’s a fanaticism about new Christians, they want to be in church every time the doors open, they love Jesus so much – everything is fresh and exciting for them. Sunday morning is just not enough for these people. These are the people who ask me to hold early morning prayer meetings, who phone me Sunday afternoon and ask “why is the sermon not online yet, I want to listen to it again”. They love Jesus, they love church, and they love the peace of God!

One of the things I see a lot of pastors doing right now is hassling people to go to church – I mean phoning them, texting them, emailing them, begging them to come to church on Sunday. The problem is these people do not need cajoling or guilting out, they need a personal revival. If you do not love church and love going to church, you need a revival. If you cannot agree with the Psalmist and rejoice with people who ask you to go to the house of the Lord (Psalm 122.1) then you need a personal revival.

Revival for a Christian is a return to the freshness of loving God, as a person is inspired by the Holy Spirit who want to live for God like never before. Revival always, always, always, always starts with one person. You can get red-hot no matter what the rest of the nation is doing, or even what the rest of the church is doing. You must get yourself a personal revival!

We all start off happy that we are forgiven, dancing around that we are saved, and it is the consuming joy of our life, and nothing else matters – but over time that fire dies down and needs a refuel. A personal revival brings a renewed fire to read the Bible, to get together in church with the people of God, to pray and to give. Serving God is no longer a chore, but a joy.

There are times when the worship is happening at Tree of Life and I am overwhelmed by the presence of God. I know other people around me are encountering it too. The presence of God fills that cinema room and it is so endearing and precious to me. As I stand there with my hands raised, my heart is stirred. That is the atmosphere of revival, and that is God’s will for Tree of Life, and the UK, and that is for you!  It starts with you, and it starts with me. It starts personal.

If you don’t passionately love the Word of God, you need a personal revival! If reading it is mechanical, you need a personal revival! You need to read the Word in the presence and power of the person of the Holy Spirit. It should be like striking a match while doused in petrol – it should go boom every time you read it.

What happened on the revival on the day of Pentecost? Peter got up and explained and preached the Scripture – the Scripture exploded inside him and he know “this is that”. We need a revival to be ready for those occasions.  Revival makes the Word live inside you.

I am telling you today that you and your family, and me and my family need a revival – personally. We need a personal revival. Until the Word of God is the single most important book in your house and topic of conversation, you need revival.

Until you are tithing and are happy about tithing, you need revival.

Until your church attendance is such that everyone just assumes you will be there and be there on time, you need revival. I believe that the charismatics, especially the people who call themselves the grace people, have become careless regarding local church – the only word you could use to describe your church attendance is sporadic.

I know there are legitimate reasons to miss church, and legitimate reasons to be late, but the truth is that if you can be there you need to get there, and more than that, you need a heart that wants to get there. If not, you need revival.

If you don’t love praying you need revival. I love having good prayer times. Oh man, it’s awesome. Revival always comes from praying people and leads to praying people.

People who are personally revived have divine order in their lives – and are always on! They don’t need the praise and worship team three songs to get them excited, they come to church excited, they are rejoicing on the way. You won’t need me to preach to get you up and over, you will live up and over.

Right now tell God you need a personal revival.  This could change the world people, so take it seriously. Go on, tell God you need revival.  Ask him to revive you today, that you might praise His name and that the world may see His glory.


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