Is Facebook the devil?

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There is no accounting for stupid. Recently, someone was telling me that they have been told that Facebook is the devil’s tool.

That’s the same argument used years ago about the internet, decades ago about TV, and centuries ago about the printing press.

People need to stop and think what the word “media” means. It’s the plural of the word “medium”, and it comes from the Latin word for an instrument that goes between two things – it’s just a pipe!

A pipe is not evil or wicked, nor is it good – but the question is what is travelling through it. If you are piping poison gas into a shower chamber to gas Jews, you are using that pipe in an evil manner. If you are piping fresh water to an orphanage in Cambodia, you are using that pipe in a good manner. The pipe, the media, is neutral, the content is what makes it good or evil.

So a book is not good or evil, it is the message inside that is good or evil. You can print the Bible, or the satanic Bible. The press is neither good nor evil, it is media.

The TV is not good or evil, you can watch adultery and lying and killing on it, or you can watch Kenneth Copeland and Andrew Wommack. It is a media.

And Facebook is not good or evil, you can find your ex-girlfriends and ruin your marriage on it, or you can encourage people, and meet friends and share your life in a godly, inspirational way.

It’s just a media. If you think it is the devil, maybe you need to change what you are posting and who you are listening to.

I have seen many lives changed for the better through Facebook, and it is one of the easiest ways to get messages through to people about the church, and advertising on Facebook is one of the most cost effective ways I have of inviting people to meetings. If your experience is different, that’s not the pipe, that’s what is in it.

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