How Blessed Are You Going to Be By Andrew Wommack coming to Tree of Life?

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It is one of the greatest honours of all that Tree of Life Church has the opportunity to host Andrew Wommack this October. And that meeting is going to bless all of us. But did you know not all the people who go will be equally blessed.  Why not have a read here and find out how blessed you are going to be. If you don’t like the level you will be blessed, do something to change it!


  • If you are part of Tree of Life Church, regularly attending, serving, tithing, part of a Living Church.  If so, this meeting is just another meal – albeit an awesome one –  from a phenomenal diet that you are feeding on consistently.  In fact you are probably not sitting at home today desperate for Andrew to arrive to London, but you are looking at this meeting as a chance to serve.
  • You are looking forward to church this Sunday more than this event in October.
  • The largest blessing in the room is always on the giver, never on the receiver. And if you are part of Tree of Life Church your tithes, your love, your giving has already paid for the ExCeL Centre, and the sound, and the transport, and the visual, and the overflow room, and the gifts to newcomers, and so on and so forth.
  • You have already invested financially in this meeting – that is genuine faith and that pure faith only leads to increase.
  • You only want to see a thousand people in the room together because you know that this is where Tree of Life Church is going (and will reach this goal every Sunday sooner than you think!)


  • You are part of a local church, perhaps Tree of Life, perhaps another church. You are consistently growing in your walk with God and you are grateful for Andrew Wommack coming to Tree of Life Church, but you don’t see this as an event in your life that will make it or break it, but you see it as another step in the process of your growth and development.
  • The Christian life is not experienced by event, but by a process of day to day living which can include events.
  • You will be going to the event to worship, to listen, to encourage, to give in the offering and to contribute to the day as much as you get from it. You are excited about this event, but not to the point you cannot serve God today because you are too busy thinking about tomorrow.


  • Your church attendance is spotty, and you know it. Your discipleship is weak and you are aware of this.  Maybe you left Tree of Life Church or another church annoyed it wasn’t all whistles and bells every week, or confused because it wasn’t your definition of grace.  You think the crowds are more important than the community.
  • But you are aware things are not what they should be and are looking for a chance to return to walking with the Lord, to return to making an impact in the world, you want to live on fire for Jesus and are using this meeting as a point of contact to do this.
  • God will honour that, God is kind and loving and gracious. He is looking for the prodigals to return home, and to be honest, so are we – Tree of Life Church is praying for the prodigals to come home, and that’s going to happen. Why not be one of them?
  • Life is too short to not be a disciple of Jesus and make a maximum impact in this world.  Andrew Wommack himself says “If you don’t go to church, you are stupid!”
  • This event could be the beginning of a whole new process, and you could never be the same again.
  • You are humble enough to realize you need a kick start.  This will be a great fresh start for you!


  • You only lurch around from conference to conference looking for what you may devour.
  • You live for meetings like this. You haven’t been in church meeting since you graduated Charis, and you certainly haven’t ministered anywhere.
  • You turn up to this meeting with an entitled attitude, expecting to get this and that, expecting to get a seat at the front, and you don’t mind acting unChristian to get it, pushing and shoving people out of the way to get your seat!  To get your piece of the anointing!
  • You don’t put a penny in the offering. You don’t spend a penny on product.
  • This meeting will be the last time you hear Andrew Wommack all year, unless you lied about being a pastor to go to the pastor’s and minister’s conference the week after!
  • You don’t ever grasp that meetings like this are not put on by the guy who is at home every Sunday morning cursing the church and then out of the same mouth begging for a pulpit. These meetings are put on by people who love each other, who give to each other, who have divine favour together, who serve and who dream big. These meetings are put on by local church.
  • You fail to honour Tree of Life Church, the hosts of the meeting, and even just say a simple thank you to one of our ushers or greeters.

Tell me how blessed will you be when Andrew comes to town?

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