The Fruits of Righteousness 01: First Thoughts about Fruits of Righteousness

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2 Cor. 9.10 says that God will increase the fruits of our righteousness.  Now, we cannot be any more righteous from the moment we become born again, but we can become more fruitful in our righteousness.  We can be more aware that we are righteous, and more aware of His goodness in our life, and that leads to us having a more fruitful life.  A more-Christ-like life.

The fruits of righteousness are far more than just doing the right thing, but actually fulfilling the will and purpose of the Father on planet earth.  I am talking about pulling people out of wheelchairs, opening blind eyes, raising the dead, speaking the words of the Father and moving mountains and changing lives.  Feeding the five thousand, walking on water – anything at all that is miraculous and changing the world – that is the power of God manifest through humans, and it can be done through us, if we are aware of how righteous we are.  Those are some of the fruits of righteousness.  If we bear the fruits of righteousness then we will live like Jesus.  He is the vine, and we are the branches.  If we are living in the revelation of our rightness with God, we will bear the same fruits as Jesus.

You get this?  The branch has to bear the same fruits as the vine.  If the vine is a grape-vine, then the branches must bear grapes, if it is a melon-vine, then the branches can only bear melons.  If the vine is a Jesus-vine, then we can only bear the same fruit as Jesus.

If you realize that you are joined to Jesus, that as He is so are you in the world, that you are one spirit with Him, that you are as righteous as He is, that God is not imputing your sin to you, that God is for you and not against you – then the fruits of righteousness in our lives will bless everyone we meet.  You will help people, have no selfish ambition, heal the sick, break the power of the devil over people, showing people how to live in the will of the Father.  The way we walk into a room will change.  The way we say hello to people changes.  It all changes as the fear and insecurity of unrighteous behaviour gives way to a fearless fellowship with the Father, a fearless aggressiveness to the works of the devil, and a fearless glory over any circumstances.  That would be bearing fruit!  That would be the increase of the fruits of righteousness!

This is something many Christians do not know.  We know about the fruits of love and joy and peace, but we do not realize what the fruits of righteousness are.  Righteousness is the ability to stand before God with no sense of guilt, of inferiority, of fear of punishment.

If we just realized how righteous we are through the redemptive work of God, we could change the world in one generation.  We would eliminate sickness and disease in the body of Christ, and we would minister just like Jesus everywhere we go.

We must never be afraid of the Father, He is always on our side.  We must never be afraid of satan, he is a defeated foe.  We must never be afraid of circumstances, of storms, of life – because our words have authority to change them all!

If you know who the Word says you are, you would change the world!  I challenge you – get into the Word today in a new way.  Read it like you have never seen it before, realize that you are never unworthy, never without value, never not right with God, never without faith to change the world!  Grasp the fact that you are a new creation and that as a new creation you are totally righteous!  The moment you grasp this, you will never be sick again, never be defeated again, you will start speaking in tongues instantly, you will live the Word life.  Full of the Word!

(Next post: the unveiling of our righteousness)

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