Stop Being Weak 01: Be Strong

Reasons more women are becoming franchisees

Finally my brethren, be strong in the Lord! – Ephesians 6.10

There are many times in the Bible where we are told to be strong. It’s in Joshua, Psalms, and many other places, in the Old and New Testaments. We need to be strong.

But in Ephesians Paul tells us one area of our life in which we must be strong – we need to be strong in the Lord. I know people who are very strong in their chest, in their legs, in their back. I know people who are strong in their artwork, strong in business, strong in their studies, strong in friends. But I don’t know too many people who are strong in the Lord. We need to be strong! We need to not be weak!

How can we be strong in the Lord? Why do we need to be strong in our faith, strong in our convictions, strong in our kindness, strong in forgiving, strong in walking in grace, strong in trusting the Lord.

Why must we be strong?

  1. Strong Christians do not move. 1 Cor. 15.58 tells us to be both steadfast and unmoveable. Strong people are harder to move. When life pushes us around, we need to be standing in faith. When problems push us down into depression, we need to absolutely stand in joy and faith and peace! When you are tired and weary, you need to be able to keep going. We need to be able to stand when every fiery dart is hitting us, we need to be strong.
  2. Strong Christians are mature Christians. We need to grow up. Paul could not give the Corinthians all the revelations he wanted to because they couldn’t eat them (1 Cor. 3.1). They could only eat baby food because they were so weak. That is a tragedy, but it is commonplace today. We need to be strong! We need to be strong enough to handle a strong message. We need to be steak strong, not Farley’s Rusk strong! We need to be able to eat our vegetables. We need to be able to handle a few home truths without getting offended and being so weak no one can tell us the truth.
  3. Strong Christians are hard to offend. We have so many Christians today getting offended over the most trivial issues. Why? Because they are weak.
  4. Strong Christians are fruitful. Some Christians have no fruit because they are not strong enough to even carry a little fruit. They cannot minister healing because the slightest resistance to their ministry – they give up. They cannot give big because the slightest financial pressure sends them flying. They cannot forgive big because the tiniest offence knocks them flat on their back.

We need to become strong Christians. We need a diet and workout plan for our souls that makes us strong! In my next post, we will start looking at that diet and workout plan!

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